Though she’s called The Nadir, she looks like the acme

I apologize for my supercilious vocabulary, but Swedish builder o0ger has named his most recent YT Corellian Light Freighter-inspired spacecraft “The Nadir” which, by definition, pretty much means rock-bottom. Either the owner of this ship has very high expectations, or nadir means something else in Swedish, because this ship is quite remarkable, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be the crown of any space shipping fleet. The integration of the cockpit into the side wing is superb, and there is just the right amount of color throughout.

YT-1450 Light Freighter - "The Nadir"

If you feel inspired by this sublime spacecraft, feel free to check out our contest where you can build the Millennium Falcon herself.

7 comments on “Though she’s called The Nadir, she looks like the acme

  1. The Anonymous Hutt

    Out of all the amazing models in the Rebrick contest…this is the one you choose to feature? C’mon TBB, you know there are more impressive entries than this!

  2. o0ger

    Hey! Thanks for the blog post! I’m really glad you like my MOC. About that name, I was thinking about the astronomical term nadir, which is the opposite of zenith. Basically nadir means that you are of the opposite side of an astronomical object (the sun or a star mostly). My thought was that this ship is always hiding in the shadows far out of reach.

  3. Bruce

    Looks pretty impressive to me. Bit then again, I’m not an entitled d-bag who thinks everyone needs to share his opinion.

  4. JakeRF

    Everyone has different tastes I guess, but this build is awesome and after a quick scan through other models on Rebrick, one of the best.

  5. The Anonymous Hutt


    Did you go back to the earliest entries in the contest? If not, I suggest you take a look. Most of the entries that really caught my eye are towards the beginning, such as three different Steampunk models, and Ewok Falcon, and a couple of pizza themed ones.

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