First look at the new 2017 LEGO sets from Nuremberg Toy Fair [News]

Germany’s Nuremberg Toy Fair is the largest Toy Fair in the world, and where toy manufacturers go to show off their new products to potential buyers. As in previous years, LEGO has a large presence with a lot of new sets. Thanks to our friends at Promobricks, we’re able to bring you the first look at some of what LEGO has planned for the rest of the year, including Architecture, Creator, Technic, City and more. In a few weeks we’ll be covering the New York Toy Fair and bringing you close-up, hands-on coverage of these new sets and more.

LEGO Architecture 2017

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LEGO Technic 2017

LEGO Speed Champions 2017

LEGO Creator 2017

LEGO City 2017

LEGO Friends 2017

LEGO Juniors 2017

LEGO Duplo 2017

2 comments on “First look at the new 2017 LEGO sets from Nuremberg Toy Fair [News]

  1. Benjamin Paczak

    Why do Toy Fairs always show off sets that are already out? We’ve already seen them on the toy store shelves. And we all know the best part is seeing the stuff that is coming soon.

  2. spadgy

    Hey Benjamin. I’ve only been to UK Toy Fair a couple of times (as press) but my experience is that they are heavily geared towards selling product in large volumes (to stores, retailers etc.). So having currently available product is probably because of that. ‘Here; you can by 10,000 of this right now’. Where video game industry conferences (which I know far better) are much more about promotion and knowledge sharing, my limited experience of toy trade shows suggests they are far more about directly securing sales deals.

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