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The spice must flow

As much as I prefer Frank Herbert’s original novels, David Lynch created a unique vision of the Dune universe that was all his own. Stefan Käsmayer (-2×4-) has recently recreated bits of Lynch’s version in LEGO, beginning with the Harkonnen ornithopter (via The Living Brick):


He followed this with a little scene depicting Paul Atreides practicing his combat skills (via VignetteBricks):


Orion Pax builds his own Back to the Future Nike MAGs from LEGO

Even though Alex (Orion Pax) couldn’t afford to join the likes of Brian Wilson and Kanye West in owning a pair of the new Nike MAGs from Back to the Future, that didn’t stop him building his own from LEGO.


Auctions of the real shoes benefited Michael J. Fox’s research foundation for Parkinson’s disease, and raised several million dollars.

An unexpected LEGO adventure: Bricks & Minifigs [Review]

Here, at The Brothers Brick, we don’t review stores but I had a very unexpected little LEGO adventure yesterday and I wanted to share it. I realize that this post will only be of interest to people in the Greater Portland and Vancouver area of Washington and Oregon States. I apologize to our readers in the rest of the world. If you don’t live there, feel free to skip this post and bad-mouth me for the rest of the day. I’m okay with that.

I had to take a sudden trip to southern Washington State over the last couple of days and I decided to stop in Battle Ground, WA to see my grandmother. No LEGO was supposed to be involved. Little did I know. I had been told that there was an independent toy store in the area that dealt in used LEGO. I looked it up and the store turned out to be about a quarter of a mile from “Grammy’s House”.

I was much more impressed with the store than I was expecting. For the most part, prices seemed to be about mid-range of Bricklink’s prices. They had a large stock of older sets, some MISB, some opened in the box and some built but loose.

They had large bins of minifig parts, which they were selling for 60 cents a piece or three dollars for a fig. I grabbed up a handful of vintage castle torsos and an assortment of helmets that I was short on. My kids had a blast building figs for themselves as well.

They also had a bins of “building brick” which was sold by large and small cups ($10 and $5) or by gallon-sized plastic bags ($25). My wife was kind enough to fill up a bag with assorted bricks, plates and slopes in green and tan.

There was only one staff person on duty, named Micah, but he was very friendly, enthusiastic and well-informed.

They do not sell online, but have three store locations. They are in Beaverton OR, Canby OR and Battle Ground, WA. If you are in the area, check them out. I had a good time.

Along these lines, there have to be more independent purveyors of used and collectible LEGO out there. If you know of a brick-and-mortar store in your area, feel free to post the location in the comments. Just don’t tell us about your online store. We know about those.

In the interest of transparency, I would like to state that Bricks & Minifigs did not ask for this review nor did they give me anything in exchange. The only freebie that I received was the business card I swiped off the counter.