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Another Masterpiece from the Mosaic Mama

Katie Walker is the undisputed ruler of the cheese slope. Give her a random pile of them and the odd handful of 1×1 plates, tiles or bricks and awesome things start to happen. You have to check out her latest. I keep thinking that she is going to run out of new techniques or ideas but it ain’t happening.

"the prettiest picture"

Nice Figure

I never thought I’d see a space ship with a slim waist, but the Feros by Stijn (Red Spacecat) is just that. This thing is all smooth curves, synched in by a belt (in this case the bridge) in the center. He’s scattered a few interesting details throughout, which stand out starkly against the otherwise smooth figure.

Feros Tanker by Stijn on Flickr

As always, Stijn goes the extra mile in photoshop to bring us a nice presentation, as well.

Mark Kelso faces down the Eye of Chaos

We don’t normally feature works-in-progress here on TBB, but Mark Kelso has been working on his next massive SHIP, and this photo captures the inevitable frustration of designing and building a large-scale LEGO model that we have to share. It’s also nice to see the LEGO workspace of one of our favorite builders.

Mark says, “After the first wing section slipped off the SHIP and crashed to the ground for a second time, I realized another solution was going to be necessarry.”

8/21/11 - WIP: Eye of Chaos 3

Don’t worry — Mark didn’t actually smash his next masterpiece, so we’ll look forward to featuring the finished model here when it’s done.

Opalite-class H-17 cargo freighter

I love a good micro freighter. I can just imagine all the interesting things being carted around the galaxy. Lazer Blade uses pattern repetition and a wide variety of colors for the cargo containers to make a potentially boring freighter really rather awesome. My favorite detail is the ship number in red and gray near the back.

Opalite Class H-17 Cargo Freighter

Hat tip to Evan B. for the suggestion (and photo editing, apparently).

Ridin’ the Big Thunder

I admit to being a sucker for Disney; I was 23 when I made my first trip. There’s a certain joy in seeing Mainstreet USA for the first time.

So with that in mind, this creation by Fat Tony brings me to that point, of being at Disney for the first time, and the sheer joy of riding the rides and seeing that magic.

More shots on this glorious creation, check out the flickr gallery!