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Collectible Minifig Series 1 barcode decoder (European edition)

Important Update: The decoder highlighted in this post only works for the packaging in Europe! For one that’ll work in both North America and Europe, see the Collectible Minifigure barcode decoder for US & EU.


With the upcoming and highly anticipated collectible minifigs, there’s lots of discussion on how to determine which minifig is in each mystery pack. Fortunately, the German website has posted some very useful info. Apparently, there is a second barcode on the back of the packaging that is unique for each minifig. You can now print a page showing which barcode corresponds to which fig!

Note: the set of barcodes are different for those released in the US and UK, and the above decoder applies to the packs release in Europe in May. But I’m sure someone will make a new version for the US and UK ones when they’re out, which I believe is in June.

Via Brickset.

The best of nnenn: Novvember

If I had to choose only one legacy to remember nnenn by, it would have to be Novvember. Novvember is the month of the Vic Viper, and surely no one can forget nnenn’s daily debut of a new VV in November 2008. When I interviewed nnenn on this project, I began to appreciate the beauty of variations on a theme. I asked him when he would stop building spaceships, and he told me he would keep going until he has exhausted every possible configuration. I didn’t think it was possible, but neither did he.

The other side of Novvember that I will remember is the community participation that took place. The VV map below of everyone’s contributions for Novvember 2009 shows the extent of its success. You can see more at the Vic Viper Flickr group.

To celebrate the life and work of nnenn, don’t forget that there will be Vic Viper fly-ins at all the major US LEGO conventions this summer and fall:

You can ship a VV to be displayed or bring one in person. Please contact Keith Goldman if you’re interested (Legomankeith AT aol DOT com).

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The best of nnenn: UT-16 Pygmalion

Posted on behalf of Peter L. Morris – all words are his.

Nate and I enjoyed each other’s company. Or at the very least, I enjoyed his company. I found him thoughtful, sincere, with just the right amount of eccentricity to make things interesting. Of course, we also enjoy building starfighters. His designs often caught me off-guard, forcing my mind in new directions.

My all time favorite is the UT-16 Pygmalion. In form it is beautiful, with an insect vivacity that makes it seem as though it will leap from the screen. It is diminutive, but carries a monstrous weapon, giving it the look of both predator and prey. In short, I love it because it is a paradox. It is also one of the few creations of his in which the name relates in some small way to the backstory.

Nate and I shared the habit of deconstructing MOCs once they were photographed and he once remarked how interesting it was that our MOCs derive their permanence from the virtual (jpegs and MLCAD files), while the real brick is the temporary.

In keeping with that tradition, the Pygmalion is one of his creations I built in MLCAD, with the hope of one day bringing it to ‘life’ via the virtual world.

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The best of nnenn: fighter map

Nnenn‘s first fighter map posted in mid 2008 shows just how prolific he was. I have come to expect a new model from him every week. This means that from the time we announced his passing until now, nnenn could’ve posted a new creation. It’s often when we are deprived of something that we realize how much we miss it.

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The best of nnenn: ‘Tropicana’ PA-24 custom

Nnenn is known for his colorful creations, but his Tropicana racer takes the psychedelic cake. Good sci-fi creations rarely have this many colors, but nnenn makes it work in a way that wows us. This is one of his most colorful creations, and no doubt many still remember it after seeing it two years ago.

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The best of nnenn: Verbotian Strider

It is one of my personal pet peeves when a builder becomes famous for one thing and never does anything different. Nnenn was very well-known for his starfighters and was often accused of never branching out. However, in his case, this accusation was unfair and untrue.

If you browse through his Flickr photostream or his Brickshelf gallery, it becomes very clear that he built many other things than his iconic starfighters. This particular one has always made me laugh. I love the whimsy.

Lego Nnenn
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