Mommy Rex is very angry...

Mike Psiaki (who is no stranger to being blogged) has built a climatic scene from The Lost World: Jurassic Park that is better than the movie it was based upon!



Also check out Mike’s three Pteranodon and Parasaurolophus:



EDIT: fixed errors, thanks Dr. Paleo!

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  1. Dr. Paleo Ph.D.

    Well, first, like your last dinosaur post, I’m gonna have to be a jerk for a moment and correct you. ;-P Parasaurolophus and Pteranodon should be capitalized and italicized. And, it is incorrect to say “pteranodons.” To say it correctly, you’d have to say, “three Pteranodon” or “several Pteranodon” or something along those lines. Since Pteranodon is a scientific genus, you can’t make it plural like any other word.

    Sorry, but paleo is my passion. :-P

    Back on topic….

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Fantastic. Better than any TLC dinosaurs I’ve EVER seen. Absolutely amazing, and quite convincing in the way of accuracy as well. If these were sets, I’d buy them if it bankrupted me.


  2. Lord_Of_The_LEGO Post author

    Hey Spencer,

    In my defense, I didn’t write the earlier posts, I merely linked to them :P
    Thanks for your corrections, I have edited the post accordingly. As someone who gets very upset when anyone says “Legos” instead of “LEGO” I totally can appreciate getting everyone to be grammatically correct. :)

    — Nathan

  3. Gambort

    Dear Spencer,

    Looking at your blog it would appear you do not actually have a Ph.D. Now it’s my turn to be a jerk and point out that it is really quite rude to those who, in fact, do have Ph.D.’s to falsely use the term. ;)


    PS. While I’m mainly lightly teasing your pedantry (I’m known for that myself) I am being somewhat serious.

  4. Bruce

    Re. Tim’s comment –
    It reminds me of the old NPR show “Ask Dr. Science.” He’d answer various questions people had sent in, but would always close with something like “Remember, I’m not a real doctor. I have a Masters Degree (dramatic pause) in SCIENCE.”

    Bruce (who has a PhD . . . in SCIENCE (okay, chemistry to be more precise))

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