It doesn’t get any more real in LEGO

Jarek’s (Jerrec) Polish Junak M10 motorcycle is as real as one can get in LEGO. For a small model at roughly only four inches in length, this creation packs in so many realistic details and contains unorthodox building techniques such as using a sticker taped to 1X1 tiles to create the curvature of the fenders. Amazing!

13 comments on “It doesn’t get any more real in LEGO

  1. Mark Kelso

    Wow…NICE! A great example of how it doesn’t have to be large to be a killer build!

  2. Peter Schwambach

    Sticky Tape or not, that bike clearly illustrates why I come here everyday. Really Impressive!

  3. Lego Monster

    Astonishing technical work on this. Takes technique to a whole new level. I recommend studying it with care.

    Lego Monster

  4. AT-AT

    pe668, What if its an official LEGO sticker? There are a lot of people who thinks it blasphemy to use non LEGO with LEGO, but what if its one of those official decals?

  5. Fr3ak

    Seriously, I wouldn’t even care whether it’s LEGO or not within this create creation!
    Just stunning.

  6. julencin2000

    @Tim David: Yes it is.

    I don’t like use of non LEGO elements, but overall design is fantastic.

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