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Brickspace is GO!

Stefan Garcia, or Sastrei to some, has worked on homeworld modifications for quite some time that allows you to play as classic lego ships! He has already finished a mod for number one in the series, but recently a preview version for number two was released. Download it now!

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Bram Lambrecht’s Lamborghini Renazzo

Bram Lambrecht gives us a Lamborghini Renazzo:

An interesting thing about this car is that it is not made for the traditional lego-figures (the minifigs), but for the larger technic figs. This larger scale has enabled Bram to create some very interesting functionality, such as the fantastic opening mechanism. Very nice touch.

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Mech-killing with Jerac

First of, sorry everyone (readers, Andrew, Josh, Nathan, mother, santa) for not bringing you space the past week and a half or so. Real life is getting in the way, with one switch of apartment just done and the second one coming up in two weeks. Until I’m all settled down I might have to do big chunks of updates like this. Luckily Andrew just can’t keep away ;-)

The same Jerac who created the above linked Corviwurm also goes mech-killing with his Scorpicore. I just love the low profile and the ridiculously sized weapons. Jerac is a builder who has evolved a lot over the past few months, quickly profiling himself as a great builder.

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News: 2007 LEGO Star Wars Set Pictures

A retailer in Great Britain has included 2007 LEGO Star Wars sets in its inventory, along with pictures and prices (in GBP). Those pictures have been popping up all over Brickshelf in the last 24 hours.

What I like about these sets is that two of them amount to “minifig packs” — 7654 Droids Battle Pack and 7655 Clone Troopers Battle Pack — much like 7020 Army of Vikings with Heavy Artillery Wagon (those are Brickset links — not much there at the moment).

The droids set isn’t much to look at (picture), but the clone troopers set will be a cheap way to get a bunch of Episode III troopers:

Another set that excited me was 7659 Imperial Landing Craft:

Notice the new blasters the stormtroopers are carrying? Awesome.

The main reason I stopped buying Star Wars sets a couple years ago was due to the color changes — the new grays and browns, plus the new flesh-colored minifigs. Another reason was that many of the new sets were re-releases and redesigns of existing sets. Looking back, I’m glad I got out of Star Wars LEGO, because I started building other stuff. Still, I’ve gotten used to flesh-toned minifigs, and I have to admit that the redesigns I didn’t buy are substantially better than the original versions I own. One of my least favorite sets was the AT-ST — it was flimsy, and it came with yet another Chewbacca.

That’s why I’m also excited about the new AT-ST, AT-ST:

Much better, and it comes with an AT-ST pilot! Very cool.

Another new set is 7656 General Grievous’ Starfighter (picture). It doesn’t excite me personally, but I guess it’s kind of cool.

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Favorites from the Eurobricks Superhero Contest

Okay, so today is all about Eurobricks. As I blogged a week or so ago, Eurobricks is hosting a superhero contest. I entered Unit Zero One (with a beefed-up origin story).

The entries thread is closed and voting has begun, but I thought I’d highlight a few of my personal favorites (in no particular order).

Alex54’s Lolalove:

Matt Zitron’s Giglamesch:

Justin Ramsden’s The Mysterious Crab:

And my absolute favorite (though it didn’t end up in the final voting)…

Kevin Huxhold’s Tooth Fairy:

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News: Aquaraiders and Exo-Force Box Shots on Eurobricks

Eurobricks is often the first place one sees pictures of upcoming LEGO products. Apparently these pictures showed up on’s German site. (Amazon is famous — not just in the LEGO community — as a source for upcoming product information.)

So, today’s news post included several shots of the box art from a new theme called Aquaraiders, new Exo-Force sets, and a new City fire boat. Head on over to Eurobricks for all the pictures, but here are a couple of my favorites:

Nice to see a return to underwater sets:

And I’m diggin’ the new dark green Ryo minifig:

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