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3vil Battle Station Agrona

Building in Mark Sandlin’s fan-created “3vil” sub-theme, Legohaulic has created a menacing battle station, dubbed Agrona:

Here’s the crew:

(Via Snoikle, which is turning into a nice little Space blog. Keep it up, Michael!)

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Pippin Reed: 2084

Dennnis Coh is participating in the FBTB Forums R-Wing contest, but what caught my eye was his minifig pilot:

With a great brick-built weapon and excellent color coordination, Dennis’ version of Pippin Reed is smokin’ hot.

(Only after typing up the Technorati tags below did I notice just how much of a mashup this minifig is: With a name and head from Adventurers, built for a Star Wars contest, using an old Spyrius torso, Pippin makes an excellent Space minifig.)

Space Pirates! Aliens! Gorgeous Women!

I credit Azumu as one of the bloggers who got me into blogging just over a year ago, with his regular “best of Brickshelf” posts on LEGO-BINGO. But Azumu is also a consummate builder — his brick-built Pokemon are especially fantastic, even if you’re not a fan of little creatures who only say their own name.

So it was wonderful to click over to his blog post and see some great minifigs inspired by comic book artist Buichi Terasawa’s Space Adventure COBRA. Here’s the space pirate himself:

Click the picture for a gallery full of wild characters.

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Monster Hunter 2 Minifigs

Okay, so it turns out that the series of minifigs Sugegasa has been posting lately are based on the upcoming PS2 RPG Monster Hunter 2 from Capcom, and the minifigs were actually built by Sugegasa’s younger brother.

Anyway, here’s the full set:

I like the improvements Sugegasa The Younger has made to the fig with the bow, and the two newest figs are great. I guess talent runs in the family.

Lunar Ice Harvester by Duane Hess

I really do need to start paying better attention. For better or for worse, I’m not especially interested in Technic creations, which is what I thought Duane Hess’s creation was until I took a closer look:

It’s actually a minifig-scale “Lunar Ice Harvester” that’s just plain huge. The sheer size of the vehicle enables Duane to include lots of great detailing — both interior and exterior — so be sure to check out the full photoset on Flickr!

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All you need is LEGO! LEGO is all you need!

Flickrite Digger Digger Dogstar has fantastic Photoshop skills, as he demonstrates by incorporating minifigs into Beatles album art.

His latest is With the Beatles:

Since I haven’t blogged them before, here’s Abbey Road:

…and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band:

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Just please leave out the probing...

Brickshelfer and FBTB member Nannan recently posted a cityscape that I didn’t really pay any attention to as I passed over it on Brickshelf. I’d seen cityscapes before:

Yeah, that’s a cute little UFO, but nothing special, right? WRONG!

Nannan has incorporated an Exo-Force light brick with a corresponding fiber-optic tube thingy. Extremely cool and very ingenious!

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Mark Stafford’s R-Wing Fighter

Extending the number of letters in the Star Wars fleet of fighters (X-wing, Y-wing, B-wing, A-wing, etc.) is a popular pursuit among Star Wars LEGO fans. From Bricks to Bothans, the Star Wars LEGO community, is holding a contest to build an R-wing fighter.

Here’s Mark Stafford’s entry in all its delicious orangy goodness (via Snoikle):

¡Lucha Libre!

Behold the powerful masked luchadores of Mexican wrestling (click for the photoset on Flickr):

From left to right (click for profiles):

  • La Araña Enmascarada
  • La Gran Calabaza (sitting)
  • El Inofensivo (being pinned)
  • El Relámpago Enmascarado
  • El Chupacabra

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  • Musically inclined minifigs – Soundgarden, the Decemberists, and more

    In today’s batch of tuneful minifigs, I present gods of grunge, costume-wearing indie-rockers, Edward Scissorhands, musical innovators, and Aussie rockers. Confused? Read on.

    First up, the incomparable Soundgarden:


    Next, some minifigs to go with Jonesy’s Leslie Anne Levine, Portland indie-rockers The Decemberists:

    The Decemberists

    Venerable innovators Sonic Youth:

    Sonic Youth

    Robert Smith, pasty lead singer of The Cure:

    Robert Smith

    Finally, up-and-coming Australian power trio Wolfmother: