Space Pirates! Aliens! Gorgeous Women!

I credit Azumu as one of the bloggers who got me into blogging just over a year ago, with his regular “best of Brickshelf” posts on LEGO-BINGO. But Azumu is also a consummate builder — his brick-built Pokemon are especially fantastic, even if you’re not a fan of little creatures who only say their own name.

So it was wonderful to click over to his blog post and see some great minifigs inspired by comic book artist Buichi Terasawa’s Space Adventure COBRA. Here’s the space pirate himself:

Click the picture for a gallery full of wild characters.

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1 comment on “Space Pirates! Aliens! Gorgeous Women!

  1. franco

    hello, I will have liked to know if you sell your small figurine of space adventure cobra LEGO, and so to not will be you you he possible to reproduce them for me to sell them?
    on standby for your news, I thank you in advance, cordially.

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