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Star Wars LEGO Darth Vadar Mosaic uses over 4000 pieces

Jim Jo is a new-comer to the Adult LEGO Fan community but that doesn’t mean he lacks building skills. His first project is a mammoth mosaic of Darth Vader. The mosaic measures 45 inches square and was done entirely without the help of actual mosaic-making software other than Excel for layout. All of the shading (or dithering) was done by eye, which makes this piece all the more impressive. Jim agreed to answer some questions about himself, the mosaic and the building process. Let him know what you think in the comments!

TBB – Why did you decide to do a LEGO mosaic?
JJ – By training, I am a molecular biologist, specializing in disease and metabolism, and I teach advanced biology and chemistry. I work in a school that has both an advanced art program and a well-equipped woodshop. Art is strictly a hobby for me (one I sadly have little time for), but thankfully I have several friends at my workplace who are skilled artists and craftspeople by trade or training. My mind is extremely analytical (part of the reason I have loved Lego since I was a child), and I think that is reflected in my art. In many ways then, there was a confluence of factors that made even the consideration of Lego mosaic a viable possibility.

I conceived of this project as a Lego mosaic back in the summer of 2012, which is long enough ago that I cannot honestly remember its genesis as an idea. At some point, I had a photograph of Darth Vader, and I thought, given the fairly limited number of common Lego colours, that I could at the very least plan to build it as a Lego mosaic. I had seen a couple of Lego mosaics before, in Nathan Sawaya’s online gallery, who, at the time, was the only Lego artist I was familiar with, so I knew it was possible. So I sat down at the computer and started making the digital picture without really having a realistic plan of how to transform digital into physical. In fact, more than a year passed between the time that I finished the actual picture/plan and when I started building.

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Sunrise Launch at the Challenger Space Center

Diamond Dave Shaddix returns to the Brothership with his latest project, a 5’x5′ mosaic based on Robert McCall’s painting, “Sunrise Launch”. The massive undertaking was a community build event hosted at Arizona’s Challenger Space Center with over 600 volunteers put to work applying 37,904 LEGO bricks together to form the eye-catching exhibit.

Sunrise Launch

Sunrise Launch

Dave said things went remarkably smoothly and he already has plans in the works for a larger project in 2015. There were also rumors of Dave attaching Estes rocket engines to Lego models, but no photographic evidence remains of the carnage. So if you’re anywhere near Arizona, go check it out!

“He’s no good to me dead”

Well, I’ve had the place to myself this weekend and it’s been fun spinning the tunes for your weekend pleasure. Diamond Dave Shaddix is late to the party but he’s arrived just in time with a case of beer, a bag of barbeque potato chips and this colorful mosaic of Boba Fett. I can think of no better way to end my shift. I recall getting into fisticuffs with a fellow 6th grader over a Boba Fett doll back in the day…some things are worth fighting for. Have a great week.

"He's no good to me dead"

“There ain’t no second chance against the thing with forty eyes, girl”

If you lived through the 1980’s, this tune from Wacko-Jacko is no doubt indelibly burned in your mind. The mosaic-style video treatment of Thriller by Anette Jung is both unique and mesmerizing, even if it only covers the John Landis directed opening and not the entire song.

Greetings from Nantou

Next up is a fabulous mosaic by a pair of Taiwanese builders Swar(left) and 娘娘槍(middle) called Swimming Carnival of Sun Moon Lake. The photo comes courtesy of lixia_1982 who has more photos from the recent Train Festival exhibition in Nantou.


Don’t even think about going all Elvis on this model, you unruly hooligans, these guys (and gal) don’t look like they would brook your shenanigans. This post was ripped off from the good folks over at Mosaic Bricks.

The Ocean’s Just a Step Away

Here’s a lovely use for a mosaic: use it to build a backdrop to your creation. Bluesecrets did exactly this with her latest build for her local LEGO store community window. (The community window is a small dedicated space in LEGO stores for adult fan clubs to exhibit.) This is a great example of using a mosaic for forced perspective to add depth to a diorama.

Friday Night Fights (Round 14)

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another pulse-pounding edition of Friday Night Fights! Tonight’s bout features a struggle of nerds with nothing to lose but their pride. Let’s go to the tale of the tape:

Fighting out of the red corner, from the nerdiest corner of the internet…the Lompoc Lightning-bolt Tommy Williamson (Geeky Tom) and his “The Oatmeal“.

The Oatmeal

And fighting out of the blue corner, from the bad streets of Berlin…Brucewaynelego-Toyshansolo and his “Family Portrait – Kids playing on the Beach“.

Family Portrait - "Kids playing on the Beach"

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor by way of comment. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, the battle for trainyard supremacy, it came down to a single vote as TBB rookie Nik J Dort took down a living legend 7-6. Tune in next week for more action!

LEGO Mosaic of Marvel’s War Machine uses 40,000 pieces

This stunning mosaic, by Adam Meyers (AKA getdamonkey), is real eye-candy. I love the technique of stacking different transparent colors in order to achieve colors that LEGO doesn’t make. It isn’t a technique that I have mastered myself but I do love it. The technique really makes this particular mosaic pop! Awesome job, Adam, simply awesome.

Shaddix vs. the Meteorite Man

This 25″ x 30″ mosaic of Geoff Notkin from the Science Channel’s, Meteorite Men was commissioned by Arizona’s Challenger Space Center as a gift to Mr. Notkin. According to builder and celebrity stalker Diamond Dave Shaddix: “It was a wonderful evening filled with some interesting conversation and great people.” Way to schmooze it up, Dave.


If you want to get a better look at the mosaic, click here.