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This is not the page for LEGO purists. From heavily customized minifigures to LEGO pieces chopped, painted, and stickered to within an inch of their little plastic lives, this is where you’ll find some of the most creative uses — and abuses — of LEGO anywhere.

Custom Roundup: Crazy Arms, Brickarms, Brickforge & BrickWarriors.

There have been so many new custom items coming out recently, it is almost overwhelming. I’ve been meaning to highlight several of these items and more of them keep coming out!

First on the list is Guy Himber’s Crazy Arms. Guy sent me some of these awhile back but I never got pictures uploaded because my camera was on the fritz and then I forgot. But luckily he has restocked them and they are a lot of fun! They replace the existing minifig arm, allow other “crazy” poses and are currently available in black, brown and white.

CRAZY ARMS info from V&A Steamworks

Brickarms released their Xperimental weapons in October and they look good. I don’t own any but I got to look at a few of them at BrickCon. They definitely live up the standards that Brickarms fans have come to expect. On a side note, Brickarms has reached an agreement with the makers of Offensive Combat. Brickarms will be releasing weapons from the game and some of the Brickarms product line will be appearing in the finished game. I did get some of the prototypes of these weapons and they are fantastic.

By Request, the eXperimental Series

Brickforge has been busy as well, releasing new Shock Trooper armor, Camo patterns and baseball bats in the last couple of months. I haven’t seen the Camo and baseball bats in person, but I got a set of Doomsday Shock Trooper armor in my swag bag at BrickCon and it was pretty cool!


Lastly, BrickWarriors has been heating up their molds with all sort of new products, including Androids, Demon Armor, Two-Headed Ogres, new plumes and RPGs, among other things. I haven’t picked up any of these yet, but I have been impressed by the number of items they have been putting out lately. I see that some of the items are already sold out, but hopefully they will be restocked soon. Also, BrickWarriors is donating a percentage of each order to Toys for Tots through December 1st.

November 2012 - Dragon Wings, Tail, Lance, and Plumes!

That is all for now, but I will be doing another Custom Roundup this weekend. There was just too much for one post!

Superheroes on display

Paul Janowski recently posted a wave of custom minifigs each matched with a display case and printed background. The Iron Man and Silver Surfer stand out from the crowd because they were custom chromed using vacuum metallization. Even better, Paul has donated both minifigs to this year’s Creations for Charity fundraiser! UPDATE: and they’ve been sold for $150 each!



New BrickWarriors items and colors

This is long overdue, but Ryan from BrickWarriors sent me some of their new pieces for review awhile back. Unfortunately I dropped the ball. But now, along with the cool new items, he has just released new colors that look rather snazzy. As I’ve said in previous reviews of the BrickWarriors products, the quality is very good and the line of items consists of some really unique items. Go check them out!

It begins...

Oh, October. There are many, many things I adore about you. Your cooler weather. Your vibrant colors. The build up through the month to Halloween, and everything that comes with it.

And Jamie‘s annual Halloween figures.

Updates will be sporadic this year. Adds a bit of mystery to the whole lot. Keep an eye on his photostream for his amazing custom figures along with their presentation and back-stories.

You can also check out last year and the year before!

BrickArms to release minifig weapons from upcoming Offensive Combat game

BrickArms is partnering with U4iA Games to make custom minifig weapons from the upcoming Offensive Combat game. You can read more about it on PRWeb or check out the designs on Flickr. Let us know what you think about the start of customizers creating officially licensed products.

Offensive Combat - Battle Axe

Streetfighter Custom Minifig Combo!

Julian Fong (levork) is a minifig customiser that I greatly admire… his designs always capture the essence of the subject whilst also making the transference to Lego style perfectly.

This group of custom minifigs based on the Streetfighter computer games are absolutely fantastic:

Street Fighter 2 minifigs - complete roster

He has also submitted this to CUUSOO which in my view would be a project that definitely deserves your support.

Levork this is a K.O. “You Win!”

Scania R730 “The Dragon”

bricksonwheels is certainly known for his highly detailed LEGO model vehicles. But he turns up the awesomeness knob on his latest build.

Scania R730 ''The Dragon''

He said that he was inspired by the custom painted trucks often seen in Scandinavia. After some trial and error, he was able to take a high resolution wallpaper from Magic The Gathering and edit the colours in Photoshop to perfectly match the LEGO colour palette. I think he did a rather remarkable job because it looks as if this was actually airbrushed on the model!!

Scania R730 ''The Dragon''

New Gears of War gets the custom treatment

Some may already know me but I am Jas (Jasbrick on Flickr) and I have an unhealthy obsession with mutilating ABS plastic.  I promise that this fixation will not divert me from highlighting unadulterated creations, but I thought it fitting that my first official post involves customisation… and what better way to start than with pure brilliance:

Gear Project Update

Andrew (Pecovam on Flickr) is a talent that I have been watching closely over the last year and this image of his Gears of War project is all the reason you need to see why.  This project combines all the best aspects of the customisers art, with flawless sculpting, painting, combinations and even an MOC by Legohaulic to just add the cherry to the cake.

There are more pictures of his work on Flickr and any aspiring customisers can use this to see how it should be done… and us Gearheads can just drool at the COG goodies he is working on.