Please ensure your dignity is stowed safely under the seat in front of you

The plot continues to thicken – and United Airline’s hole continues to deepen – over last Sunday’s incident aboard a plane in Chicago. And now the satirical commentary is starting to emerge. But no current event is really newsworthy until it’s been parodied using LEGO bricks, and our friends over at BrickMania have wasted no time in designing a custom minifigure to make this possible:

To quote the product description on their website: “Today’s travelers are ready for any adventure that comes their way. They have no fear of being stranded by weather, undersized seats, ridiculous baggage fees, TSA pat downs, or even re-accommodation by bullyboy airline employees. Grab your boarding pass and fly the unfriendly skies with Brickmania’s Frequent Flyer – Re-Accommodated Edition – Minifigure!”

Now is the perfect time to pick up your Frequent Flyer Re-Accomodated minifig, not only because of all that money you saved dumping United stock, but more importantly because BrickMania is donating a portion of the proceeds from this product to Traveller’s Aid International.

3 comments on “Please ensure your dignity is stowed safely under the seat in front of you

  1. Darren

    I’ve been a daily watcher of this site for more years than I can remember. This is my first post on brothers-brick. Very poor taste here, and not something I expected to see here.

  2. Ryan Howerter

    I’m with Darren. I’m all for MOCs making statements, but selling someone’s likeness (especially such an unflattering, victimized one) without their permission is just inconsiderate and crass. Maybe if 100% of the profit went to charity, and they had the man’s consent to be commercially represented in this way. Respect victims’ dignity.

  3. anothergol

    IMHO, the “victim’s dignity” is already down the Youtube drain, and this is why the victim is soon-to-be a multi-millionnaire. There will surely be T-Shirts made in the same vein, so I don’t much see the big problem here.
    The center of the problem is a major defect in how an airline company treats people, the “victim” is a bystander who hasn’t suffered much & will be more than enough compensated for it. I would take his place anytime, wouldn’t you all? He will be rich & in every show, and now has his own minifig (that I wouldn’t buy only because the print looks bad & I’m not into minifigs)!

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