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Dragons! Knights in shining armor! Trebuchets & ballistas! From enormous LEGO castles buttoned up for battle to peaceful village market scenes, we’ve got your LEGO Castle needs covered right here.

Clarendon Castle

Marvel at the might and majesty of Mark of Falworth‘s magnificent Clarendon Castle – one of the last entries in the Classic Castle Competition, and in this fan’s opinion one of the best. The model is 4ft x 5ft (1.2m x 1.5m) and weighs in at a hefty 110lbs (50kg). It took over four months to build, the last half being completed in just two weeks with the help of the builders’ brother.

(CCC14) Clarendon Castle
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Dark Tower from the Stephen King novels in LEGO

The Dark Tower series of books by Stephen King is quickly entering the public eye as the upcoming movie draws closer to release. While it’s on everyone’s minds, David Collins has created his own version of the mystical structure in LEGO. Designed for a “books to life” exhibit of LEGO creations, this Tower stands two feet (~61 centimetres) tall. Collins had intended to make the tower taller, but was restricted to this height by the rules of the exhibit. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth questing for regardless.

The Dark Tower

And what is a Dark Tower without a gunslinger to find it? Collins has also created a minifigure of protagonist Roland Deschain to go with it.

Roland Deschain

On a personal note, I can’t wait to see this movie. I love the books and, by a strange coincidence, they began filming the movie right here in my home country of South Africa.

Guarded Inn reimagined

This rustic fortified tavern by Guilherme Santos is a little delight: the chimney with smoke from the warm hearth, the barmaid offering weary travelers a place to rest and recharge, the knight and his traveling companion walking through the archway of intricate stonework under the tower, with lovely details like the wooden supports sticking out of the stone.

Guarded Inn

The flags flying over the crossbowman on the parapet, the unusual shape of the base, the subtle use of foliage and the small touches of wear and tear, the ramshackle look of the roof of the Inn, the cobbled stone work of the tower and characters chosen to tell the story of this Guarded Inn all add a sense of authenticity and realism.

Guarded Inn

But the coolest thing about this creation is that its based on the classic LEGO castle set 6067 Guarded Inn. The builder has honored the essence of the original while up-scaling and brought their own unique style to it.

Not all pyramids are built in Egypt

Naturally, most people look to the Old World when reflecting upon history’s greatest architectural achievements. The Pyramids of Giza, the Colosseum, the Forbidden City, Angkor Wat – these structures are forever etched into our understanding of human culture and history. Perhaps not as well known are the ancient and impressive sites in Central and South America. I built this Mesoamerican pyramid as a tribute to this wonderful architectural legacy, some of which I have been fortunate enough to see in person. This temple is based loosely on “El Castillo” in Chichen Itza, Mexico, whose construction began in the eighth century.

Jungle Temple

I think this creation highlights what proper photography and the right composition can do to maximize aesthetic appeal. This is certainly a simple build – no advanced techniques to write home about, and you’re going to find pretty much every stud is pointed up – but the overall look negates an otherwise banal design. Using background features (in this case, the trees) helps add depth and dimension, making a creation look bigger than it really is. Color and knowing how much to use is crucial too. Here the sand blue water and green palm trees contrasts nicely with the darker tones of the temple and trees – again, adding more depth to the scene.


I received an email from someone asking if this creation was in fact a render. It isn’t, but that is the quality I aim for when photographing my creations. I shot this outside on a cloudy day (perhaps surprisingly, that’s mostly what we get here in southwestern Arkansas). Nothing brings out a build’s colors better and provides more even lighting than natural light on a cloudy day. That may not always be an option, but if you’re struggling to photograph your build with artificial lights, it might be worth waiting a few days for a weather front to come through and let nature do the work for you.

Some winters never melt – in the cold, one castle stands the test

You would be forgiven for turning up the thermostat a few degrees after viewing this delightfully chilling ice castle by builder Kai NRG. One can almost feel the cold and biting wind as it blows across this fortress of ice, and sense the loneliness of the soldiers who garrison it.

Ice Castle

The stronghold looks to be made of an impenetrable and unwavering ice, both magical and ancient, as if its occupants were only the latest of many who once called this place home. While the castle certainly steals the show, the surrounding wasteland is no less impressive. The attention to detail is obvious in the uneven snow layers and frozen rocks which form the base. The lack of even the slightest vegetation adds to the sense of abandonment and despair in this harsh land. In such desolation there is no hope beyond the warmth of the hearth and the brotherhood of those who fight to protect this realm.

Miniature Lund Cathedral has no shortage of detail

Micro builder Emil Lidé once again displays his mastery of the miniature with his wonderfully detailed recreation of Lund Cathedral, home of the Church of Sweden. Like his other miniature builds (check out his Avalonian Countryside we previously blogged), this cathedral features a number of delightful techniques to get the most detail in such a limited and challenging scale.

Lund Cathedral (3 of 3)

The use of masonry profile bricks for the church grounds and grill plates to achieve the windows are particularly nice touches. The landscape is quite detailed given the scale, and I’m happy to see those fantastic trees again. If you’re wondering how Emil was able to build such an accurate model of the cathedral, the answer is simple: he just had to walk down the street, since Lund is his home town.

The way they play the flute, it gives me chills

At a single stroke, Joerri Ridder demolishes the idea that LEGO makes so many specialised parts nowadays that it’s killing imagination. The use of a minifig flute for the tower in this minimalist winter scene is inspired, and the stripped-back scenery and restrained color scheme add a layer of bleak depth and mystery. This is simply beautiful microscale.

The Watchtower

Top 10 most popular LEGO creations on TBB in 2016 [News]

The TBB editorial team recently announced our shortlist for LEGO Creation of the Year, but what do you our readers think? Over the course of the year, you let your mouse clicks do the talking, and it’s clear that you felt the same way about many of the best LEGO creations we highlighted. Based on clicks, likes, shares, and other stats, here are the top 10 most popular LEGO creations featured on The Brothers Brick in 2016, as voted by you!

10. LEGO Technic Porsche 919, the 2015 Le Mans winner

Manuel Nascimento honored the winner of the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans race with this gorgeous Porsche 919 built from LEGO Technic pieces. Manuel’s Porsche sports custom stickers, and has numerous working features.

LEGO Technic - Porsche 919 - Le Mans 2015 v.

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A snow fort, but made out of wood

Who doesn’t love a good wooden castle? Now, this fort by Jsnyder002 is not a new concept, but that doesn’t detract from the execution. The snow effects are realistic and the thatched roofing is just spot on. The most eye-catching part of the build must be the splash of water in the corner with a well-crafted dock. We recently featured a samurai’s house and woodland cottage by the same builder that were, like this one, built for the Colossal Castle Contest XIV.

Bálkr Fort

The way is shut. It was made by those who are Dead

11inthewoods has used an interesting combination of newer minifig parts and accessories to create an excellent LEGO version of the Dead Men of Dunharrow from Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings. Zombie heads, Ninjago spirit “legs”, Nexo Knights armour, an Avengers Ultron jaw-piece, and a crown nicked from The Witch King of Angmar himself — it all comes together brilliantly to create an eerie army of oathbreaker ghosts.

CCC XIV Knight & Squire

I’d like to see these guys in a full build now, please — guarding the entrance to the pass at Dunharrow, or maybe gathering around the Stone of Erech?

St. Michel’s Cathedral in stunning detail

After nearly two years, Jiuru Yang has given a beautiful gift to the LEGO world: St. Michel’s Cathedral, a 20,000 piece work of art. This highly detailed cathedral draws inspiration from Reims Cathedral and Notre Dame, both in France.

lego st.michel cathedral

The level of detail is magnificent; I invite you to tour through Jiuru’s photos and experience the details throughout. Of particular note is the beautiful mosaic in the center, along with the tomb in a place of honor.

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Who needs a dungeon when you have a jungle gym?

Those orcs surely had something sinister planned for their prisoners, but luckily for these poor souls, the King’s cavalry arrived just in the nick of time. Paul Trach‘s latest LEGO scene might not include any grand castles, but it’s got some action-packed fig posing and lovely autumn colors. Of course, the star of Paul’s scene is that ingenious jungle gym-esque cage made of tubing and robot arms.

Orc Pen