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Dragons! Knights in shining armor! Trebuchets & ballistas! From enormous LEGO castles buttoned up for battle to peaceful village market scenes, we’ve got your LEGO Castle needs covered right here.

The way they play the flute, it gives me chills

At a single stroke, Joerri Ridder demolishes the idea that LEGO makes so many specialised parts nowadays that it’s killing imagination. The use of a minifig flute for the tower in this minimalist winter scene is inspired, and the stripped-back scenery and restrained color scheme add a layer of bleak depth and mystery. This is simply beautiful microscale.

The Watchtower

Top 10 most popular LEGO creations on TBB in 2016 [News]

The TBB editorial team recently announced our shortlist for LEGO Creation of the Year, but what do you our readers think? Over the course of the year, you let your mouse clicks do the talking, and it’s clear that you felt the same way about many of the best LEGO creations we highlighted. Based on clicks, likes, shares, and other stats, here are the top 10 most popular LEGO creations featured on The Brothers Brick in 2016, as voted by you!

10. LEGO Technic Porsche 919, the 2015 Le Mans winner

Manuel Nascimento honored the winner of the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans race with this gorgeous Porsche 919 built from LEGO Technic pieces. Manuel’s Porsche sports custom stickers, and has numerous working features.

LEGO Technic - Porsche 919 - Le Mans 2015 v.

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A snow fort, but made out of wood

Who doesn’t love a good wooden castle? Now, this fort by Jsnyder002 is not a new concept, but that doesn’t detract from the execution. The snow effects are realistic and the thatched roofing is just spot on. The most eye-catching part of the build must be the splash of water in the corner with a well-crafted dock. We recently featured a samurai’s house and woodland cottage by the same builder that were, like this one, built for the Colossal Castle Contest XIV.

Bálkr Fort

The way is shut. It was made by those who are Dead

11inthewoods has used an interesting combination of newer minifig parts and accessories to create an excellent LEGO version of the Dead Men of Dunharrow from Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings. Zombie heads, Ninjago spirit “legs”, Nexo Knights armour, an Avengers Ultron jaw-piece, and a crown nicked from The Witch King of Angmar himself — it all comes together brilliantly to create an eerie army of oathbreaker ghosts.

CCC XIV Knight & Squire

I’d like to see these guys in a full build now, please — guarding the entrance to the pass at Dunharrow, or maybe gathering around the Stone of Erech?

St. Michel’s Cathedral in stunning detail

After nearly two years, Jiuru Yang has given a beautiful gift to the LEGO world: St. Michel’s Cathedral, a 20,000 piece work of art. This highly detailed cathedral draws inspiration from Reims Cathedral and Notre Dame, both in France.

lego st.michel cathedral

The level of detail is magnificent; I invite you to tour through Jiuru’s photos and experience the details throughout. Of particular note is the beautiful mosaic in the center, along with the tomb in a place of honor.

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Who needs a dungeon when you have a jungle gym?

Those orcs surely had something sinister planned for their prisoners, but luckily for these poor souls, the King’s cavalry arrived just in the nick of time. Paul Trach‘s latest LEGO scene might not include any grand castles, but it’s got some action-packed fig posing and lovely autumn colors. Of course, the star of Paul’s scene is that ingenious jungle gym-esque cage made of tubing and robot arms.

Orc Pen

Sashimi supper

Samurai, geisha, bonsai and futons can only mean one thing: Japan. A fishmonger’s cart with a samurai’s house is the latest fantastic entry by jsnyder002 for the Traveling Salesman category of the Classic Castle Competition. A bit of a frequent flyer here at The Brothers Brick, two of his most recent contributions Birds of a Feather and Jewel are excellent.

Fresh Fish!

People line up on the colorfully cobbled street for a sample of fresh fish from the small cart in front of the beautifully crafted samurai home with the bonsai-like tree. The black and white walls, the red and grey tiled roof and the beautiful accents of gold and black trim, including the lovely tessellated path, all add to the texture of this wonderful little scene.

Fresh Fish!

No house would be complete without an interior, and this one is no exception: a sword rack, table, chairs and armor stand comprise the furniture downstairs, while upstairs is a simple futon.

Fresh Fish!

Raise the drawbridge!

The first thing that catches the eye in this wonderful scene by Polish builder Kalais is the drama unfolding on the raising drawbridge as our fearless knight takes on the undead. The king and his wizard watch from the finely crafted parapet of the highly detailed tower, and on the other side, a pair of dark mages summon the dead horde under a red skull flag. Will our hero survive, or will he fall into the azure blue water?

Undead Fall is coming to the Lion Knights

The main castle wall makes great use of LEGO’s large prefab castle walls, and they really look like they belong there—no easy task. Supporting the wooden meeting house are what look like the ribs of a ship, but my favorite feature is the octagonal tower. I love the style, part usage, design, and roof of many colors. The dark rocks at the bottom of the diorama give the impression of a high tide mark covered with seaweed.

To the manor born

With just over a week to go, the Classic Castle Competition keeps bringing out the hits with this compact creative build by David Leest. He says “Built as a gift for a Lion Knight War Hero, the manor stands proudly above the waterfall”. This towering manor does stand very proud indeed! The battlement is crafted using a stepped technique, with subtle patched brickwork that makes great use of yellowed bricks (usually the curse of many a LEGO fan). The beautifully detailed textured roof and wooden entrance also use a variety of techniques to give the whole model an authentic lived-in feel. The armed guard, standing among the flowers and wild grasses, serves to give the model a sense of scale – it’s bigger than you first realize.

The main feature of this castle is the stunning archway over the river and the balcony where the hero stands with his fair maiden. Another armed guard looks on, while the maiden’s father takes in the view. The techniques David has used to create the different trees, the variety of foliage and the bubbling churning rapids, are wonderful. A home fit for a hero!

Within the swamps, terror and fear grow

For lack of a better term, I find the “evil castle” subtheme to be the most under-represented among historical LEGO builders. I certainly love the sight of a LEGO castle situated upon a hill, surrounded by green trees and happy-looking peasants as much as anybody. But there is a special character to builds which take a darker and more fantasy-inspired direction, such as this ominous creation by ZCerberus:


A master of big, evil castles (such as these twin towers we covered a while ago), the builder brings us this wonderfully eerie scene that takes many turns from the usual castle build. Particular highlights are the battered castle walls, the exposed wooden structures and the keep, which looms high above as if to impose its master’s will upon all below. The choice of lime green for the swamp works really well, and I can’t help but wonder what foul creatures live within it. The black, gnarled trees and the circling wyverns evoke further mystery and trepidation. Overall, the color scheme portrays very well the darker tones the builder chose to express here.


This delightfully creepy castle is part of a collaboration between the builder and myself to launch the next chapter of the Guilds of Historica collaborative roleplaying project on Eurobricks, which is sure to promote some fantastic building and storytelling in the coming weeks. If you’re interested, check out this list of our other collaborative castle builds, including stories and additional pictures, made for the new chapter.

Handy LEGO Harry Potter Christmas tree ornaments

It’s Christmas time and preparations are well under way in the LEGO building world. Markus Rollbühler‘s collection of Christmas ornaments for his family’s Christmas tree are complete and this year’s theme is Harry Potter. Thankfully Markus has stuck with some of the lighter moments from each of the seven Harry Potter boks, a challenge especially given  darker nature of the later books. Microbuilds are often a real building test requiring ingenuity and a real knowledge of all the LEGO parts – Markus has both. Blades from minifigure weapons become wings, minifigure hands become quidditch players in flight and the trigger for a stud shooter becomes Buckbeak’s head!

Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

Can you work out the scene depicted in each ornament?

These longships sail the icy north wind

Classic Castle’s 14th Colossal Castle Contest comes to an end December 31st, and we’re seeing a ton of great builds as the competition winds down. Builders are vying for prizes and titles in a number of castle-related categories. Some of the best entries I’ve seen are in the Medieval Warship category. When I was a kid I dreamed of being a Viking, so longships are a particular favorite of mine. Mark of Falworth brings us a great ship with his Moravian Warknar:

(CCC14) Moravian Warknarr

Paul Trach built another good looking longship, complete with an icy base:

Viking Perils

I’ve also entered my own, though my Viking sailors didn’t make it on board for photographs before a mishap resulted in the ship’s destruction.

Viking Longship CCC XIV

What stands out about all three ships is the lack of the prefabricated hull pieces common in many designs. Brick-built hulls are time-consuming and can be challenging, but the flexibility in hull shape and design really pays off. If you haven’t seen the rest of the entries, make sure to take a look over on Classic Castle!