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Otto the Awesome

Armothe recently posted a knight that is quite possibly the best custom fig I have seen yet. I give you Otto the Crusader!

The plethora of custom details is astounding, from the great helm to the barding, from the banner to the horse, virtually every detail is perfect.

As a finishing touch, Armothe has even given Otto a custom hairdo:

What an awesome fig!

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Two New Mecha from Kwi-Chang

Okay, I know I saw these on one of your blogs first, but I can’t find my “via” bookmarks, so pipe up with your “I blogged this last week!” comments. ;-)

Anway, Kwi-Chang is a blogger and builder whose amazing mecha I hadn’t highlighted here on the Brothers Brick, and with two great new/updated models, now’s as perfect a time as any.

First up, “LWB-003 MAGATSUHI Ver.1.5” — blog post (Japanese) and MOCpage (English):

And “LWB-005 DIABLE Ver.2.0 L.S.F” — blog post (Japanese) and MOCpage (English):

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Micro Techniques Extraordinaire recently posted a great presentation by Ed Kohl. The depth of the information is incredible. I have never seen techniques like this before. If you have any interest is building in other scales at all, you should check this out.

Here’s the PDF file

Definitely worth a peek!

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Japan Coast Guard Patrol Craft Yukigumo

Masahiro Yanagi builds wonderfully realistic vehicles and buildings, in addition to whimsical creations inspired by space and science fiction.

Recent updates to his Brickshelf gallery include a patrol craft for the Japan Coast Guard called Yukigumo:

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Brickspace is GO!

Stefan Garcia, or Sastrei to some, has worked on homeworld modifications for quite some time that allows you to play as classic lego ships! He has already finished a mod for number one in the series, but recently a preview version for number two was released. Download it now!

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Bram Lambrecht’s Lamborghini Renazzo

Bram Lambrecht gives us a Lamborghini Renazzo:

An interesting thing about this car is that it is not made for the traditional lego-figures (the minifigs), but for the larger technic figs. This larger scale has enabled Bram to create some very interesting functionality, such as the fantastic opening mechanism. Very nice touch.

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Mech-killing with Jerac

First of, sorry everyone (readers, Andrew, Josh, Nathan, mother, santa) for not bringing you space the past week and a half or so. Real life is getting in the way, with one switch of apartment just done and the second one coming up in two weeks. Until I’m all settled down I might have to do big chunks of updates like this. Luckily Andrew just can’t keep away ;-)

The same Jerac who created the above linked Corviwurm also goes mech-killing with his Scorpicore. I just love the low profile and the ridiculously sized weapons. Jerac is a builder who has evolved a lot over the past few months, quickly profiling himself as a great builder.

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Krab Trooper! Go go go!

Mike “Count Blockula” Crowley is a true original, as evidenced by his recent “Krab Trooper”:

I like the one above better, but I’m also highly amused by Mike’s version that uses Mr. Krabs’ head:

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