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“There is a vortex of Fate all around us”

The final installment of The Witcher vignette series from Jonas Kramm takes us to the Battle of Sodden Hill. This LEGO build depicts a scene from the final episode of season one of the Netflix series. Triss Merigold, a powerful sorceress, defends the gate with a web of vines against the invading forces of Nilfgaard. Jonas captures her ferocity and determination with a practiced eye. The parts usage of this piece, like Jonas’s previous builds, is wonderful! Various slopes, plates, and quarter tiles capture the stonework’s weathered and aged texture. Swords, clips, and ingot bricks define the doors’ details. Dark brown arm pieces act as the stalks for the flowering vines growing along the structure. A beautiful build to end a fantastic vignette series!

The Witcher - Battle of Sodden

The law of surprise

Builder Jonas Kramm is back for a third week of his vignette series based on the Netflix show The Witcher! This LEGO rendition of a scene from season one episode four is instantly recognizable for those who have watched the show. The minifigure versions of Queen Calanthe, Princess Pavetta, the knight Dunny, and Eist Tuirseach are well executed. Even though this vignette is small, it’s packed with details and brilliant parts usage. The simple yet elegant throne pairs well with the feast of a meal on the table. The mosaic on the floor is visually striking and is a wonderful usage of sand green and olive 1x2x2/3 slope (AKA “cheese grater”) elements.

Law of Surprise

Toss a LEGO coin to your witcher...

It looks like Jonas Kramm is on a vignette roll again, and we here at The Brothers Brick love it. After a series of scenes from the Disney+ series The Book of Boba Jonas has switched genres and streaming services, starting a new series based on the Netflix show The Witcher. This scene is full of great part usage, using several Minifig accessories, not to mention legs, that are used for the gray chimney and as architectural details. Sideways fence pieces make great tall latticed windows and the dual sword holders adorn one of the buildings.

The Witcher: Butcher of Blaviken

This town needs a Witcher!

Alas, this small hamlet has been invaded by a variety of monsters! A sinister banshee haunts the field while a werewolf creeps around the village. However, a Witcher has just arrived on the outskirts of town. Will he be able to help villagers fight against these foul creatures? This fantastic build comes from Ciamosław Ciamek and has a vibrant style in its colour scheme. The thick coverage of leaves on the trees suggests that the town is located on the edge of a dense forest. There is a great build for the field as it uses textured pieces to create grooves in the dirt.


Luckily, it seems as though the travelling Witcher is experienced in fighting monsters as the head of a demonic-looking creature swings from his saddle. The diorama also has one character taking part in kissing a frog while onlookers stare at her. These intricate details assist in conveying that the town is teeming with compelling stories and intriguing characters.


Locate this Witcher medallion in your LEGO collection

Jonas Kramm has graced our site much in recent months as his participation in the Iron Builder contest led him to build numerous popular and incredible models like the Green Sitting Room and Aladdin’s magic carpet. But now he’s back with something else entirely: a Witcher medallion. The wolf head necklace is perhaps the most recognizable icon of the series, and it’s remade almost perfectly here, sized just right for LEGO Witcher cosplay.
Wild Hunt Medallion - The Witcher 3