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The Lego Movie 2’s biggest set: 70840 Welcome To Apocalypseburg [Review]

The LEGO Movie 2’s range of sets has got us excited, not least because of Classic LEGO Space astronauts in multiple colours. But what really set hearts aflutter and pulses racing here at Brothers Brick was the reveal of the massive 70840 Welcome To Apocalypseburg — a shanty town built around a fallen Statue of Liberty, apparently Emmet & Co.’s new home town in the forthcoming film.

70840 Apocalypseburg finished build and packaging

70840 Welcome To Apocalypseburg includes 3,178 pieces and 12 minifigures. The set is available now for LEGO VIPs, and is on general release February 1st, 2019 from the LEGO Shop (US $299.99 | CA $399.99 | UK £279.99).

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70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg from The LEGO Movie 2 is now available [News]

The huge 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! set from The LEGO Movie 2 is available today for LEGO VIPs (membership is free for anyone who signs up). Clocking in at 3,178 pieces and twelve minifigures, the hero set is the largest of the 20 LEGO sets based on the upcoming sequel. Welcome to Apocalypseburg! retails for US $299.99, CA $399.99, and UK £279.99.

(Note on timing: VIP early access sets in the US are typically available from the LEGO Shop online starting at 8am ET time, though there has been some variability in the past.)

The LEGO Movie 2’s largest set revealed as 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! [News]

LEGO has officially revealed the largest set from The LEGO Movie 2, the massive 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Clocking in at 3,178 pieces and twelve minifigures, the set features the post-invasion home of the main characters located in a broken down Statue of Liberty (à la Planet of the Apes).

The set will be available starting January 16 for $299.99 for LEGO VIP members, with general availability beginning February 1st.

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