The LEGO Movie 2’s largest set revealed as 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! [News]

LEGO has officially revealed the largest set from The LEGO Movie 2, the massive 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! Clocking in at 3,178 pieces and twelve minifigures, the set features the post-invasion home of the main characters located in a broken down Statue of Liberty (à la Planet of the Apes).

The set will be available starting January 16 for $299.99 for LEGO VIP members, with general availability beginning February 1st.

Welcome to Apocalypseburg! is the twentieth set revealed so far based on upcoming sequel (not counting polybags). The location is featured in the most recent trailer after the post-DUPLO invasion. It appears Apocalypseburg is the temporary home of the original LEGO Movie characters who now look like they have seen better days (with the exception of the always cheerful Emmet).

The set stands more than a foot and a half tall (52cm) which is taller than last year’s similarly themed Architecture set 21042 Statue of Liberty (though this time around Lady Liberty has a fully detailed face and a few more dangling chains).

Apocalypseburg is slightly reminiscent of 70620 Ninjago City in that both are based on major locations in popular LEGO films that have been made into a “hero” set for a more experienced builder, each with a plethora of detailed minifigures and detailed interiors.

The set offers detail on every side, including hidden rooms and functions on the back. The color palette of sand and olive green combined with tan, dark tan and light grey immediately conveys a weathered look fitting a worn-down and tired post-apocalyptic society.

The collapsed statue is surrounded by a ruinous city made of containers filled with a variety of interiors including a coffee shop, holding cell, armory, barber/tattoo parlor, gym, diner, spa and a few living quarters.

Apocalypseburg comes with twelve minifigures, all of whom look like they have gone through the wringer and evolved to face a tough life. Emmet is smiling as always. Lucy sports a new brown scarf, goggles and a quiver of arrows. “Scribble Cop” isn’t looking too happy and has metal-spiked shoulder pads as well as a few more zippers on his uniform. Batman has the biggest upgrade with pauldrons made from LEGO tires.

Fellow Master Builder Green Lantern looks like he is as oblivious as ever. A new character to the LEGO Movie franchise, Harley Quinn makes her first appearance (looking almost exactly as she appeared in the live action Suicide Squad movie). “Where’s My Pants” Guy still hasn’t found his pants yet but looks ready for a fight. Surfer Dave has become Chainsaw Dave with the tattoos to prove it.

Larry the Barista has opened up a new “Coffee Unchained” cafe and looks like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises film. Joining him are three new characters Mo-Hawk, Roxxi and Fuse.

Each minifigure comes with a variety of accessories including coffee cups, binoculars, clubs, surfboards, a chainsaw, and more. (We are sad to report that no “sewer babies” have been spotted in Apocalypseburg.)

The apocalypse is nigh, arriving January 16 which will wonderfully devastate your wallet for $299.99. The LEGO Movie 2 hits theaters on February 8.

The full press release and complete photo gallery from LEGO are included below.

70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg!
Ages 16+. 3,178 pieces
US $299.99 | CA $399.99 | UK £279.99 | DE €299.99 | FR €299.99 | DK 2,499 DKK

Build and role-play with this huge THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ Apocalypseburg model!

Enjoy an epic 360-degree play experience—and prepare for an alien invasion—with THE LEGO MOVIE 2 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! construction toy. An advanced building set, it has over 3,000 pieces and presents an awesome challenge even for master builders. This THE LEGO MOVIE 2 set features a section of the Statue of Liberty with a chill-out room in the head, café, Scribble Cop’s office with a chair-kicking function, armory, barber’s/tattoo parlor, Lucy’s hideout, Fuse’s workshop, rooftop diner, gym, spa, lookout platforms and loads more! This action-packed toy also comes with 12 THE LEGO MOVIE 2 minifigures to role-play and reimagine your favorite scenes from the blockbuster film.

  • This creative toy includes 12 new-for-January-2019 THE LEGO MOVIE 2 minifigures: Emmet, Lucy, Batman, Scribble Cop, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, ’Where are my pants?’ Guy, Larry the Barista, Chainsaw Dave, Mo-Hawk, Roxxi and Fuse, plus a rat figure.
  • This huge Apocalypseburg construction toy has removable modules for easy play and features a section of the Statue of Liberty, café, Scribble Cop’s office, armory, barber’s/tattoo parlor, Lucy’s hideout, Fuse’s workshop, rooftop diner, gym, spa and more!
  • The Statue of Liberty section of this THE LEGO MOVIE 2 playset features a buildable torch, opening Lady Liberty head with a chill-out room including a buildable telescope, and 3 lookout platforms.
  • The Coffee Unchained café features a service counter, cash register, buildable coffee machine with 2 coffee pumps, table and seat, and an outdoor table with a parasol and 2 seats.
  • Scribble Cop’s office features an opening jail door and chair-kicking function.
  • Armory features a mannequin, goggles, 3 minifigure helmet elements and 2 buildable weapons.
  • Barber’s/tattoo parlor features a barber’s chair, buildable tattoo machine and hair-cutting tool elements.
  • Lucy’s hideout features a buildable bed with a secret compartment containing various fun elements including a love letter from Batman. The room also features weapon storage and assorted elements including new-for-January-2019 barbed wire.
  • The removable roof of Lucy’s hideout has a buildable seat, engine truck front and water tower.
  • Fuse’s rooftop workshop features a buildable tool chest with a buildable fire extinguisher.
  • Rooftop diner features a buildable V8 engine deep-fat fryer, table, oven, ketchup and mustard dispensers, plus frying pan and food elements.
  • Train-carriage-shaped gym features a buildable punching bag with alien invader decoration and a weightlifting bench.
  • Truck-shaped spa features a buildable hot tub and shower.
  • This THE LEGO MOVIE 2 toy building set also includes Chainsaw Dave’s surfboard rack with 2 surfboards, lookout area with a buildable telescope, an opening sewer and various ladders.
  • Weapons for THE LEGO MOVIE 2 characters include Lucy’s crossbow.
  • Accessory elements include Emmet’s 2 coffee mugs, Lucy’s quiver, plus 6 new-for-January-2019 Skeletron head elements (1 as a basketball; 1 on a signpost; 1 as engine decoration; 2 as hair mannequins; and 1 on the armory mannequin).
  • Recreate fun-packed scenes from THE LEGO MOVIE 2 with this awesome Statue of Liberty toy.
  • This new-for-January-2019 toy measures over 20” (52cm) high, 19” (49cm) wide and 12” (33cm) deep.

Available from LEGO Stores & starting Wednesday, January 16 for LEGO VIP members.


6 comments on “The LEGO Movie 2’s largest set revealed as 70840 Welcome to Apocalypseburg! [News]

  1. Todd D.

    I like this set but I m beginning to wonder if LEGO is pricing themselves out of the “kids” toy market. I get there is a cost to make/sell/market these products. And profit is not a bad word. But the price of some sets does not allow most kids to enjoy the essence of what LEGO is. “To Play” goes beyond just what is on the box. Almost all of the sets today (in whichever theme) lack the ability of the child’s imagination to see it in any other form that what’s on the box. It’s just a dilemma that is starting to arouse it’s ugly head, in my opinion, and it has a steep cost.

  2. winston

    I get what you’re saying, but i’ll point out that this is (likely) aimed at an adult/collector audience. much of what lego puts out does seem rather pricey these days, but maybe that’s just the stuff we pay attention to. there are several lego stores in my area and whenever i go they always have kids running around and looking at/playing with stuff that never even registered with me. so maybe there is plenty out there for kids to stoke imaginations (and of course, afford), it’s just not necessarily stuff that “we” want.

  3. Todd D.

    I concur that there are many kids (mine included) enjoying themselves at the logo LEGO store(s). I guess what I am trying to say, though, is where is this set on a smaller scale that also is the dinosaur, and is also the space ship, and the boat, etc. I know there are the Creator 3 n 1 sets and I think those are incredible for the play value they offer, but it seems there are too many sets tied to movies, shows, etc. for me. You are correct though, that this may be an adult fan set, and this particular theme is just not for me. Again, I think the set is interesting and I like it, just in favor of it. (Maybe if they sold it in multiple sets to create one BIG set?)

  4. Winston

    Yeah, I got you. Assuming we’re around the same age, Lego used to actively promote the idea of “build, take apart, make something up” right there on the packaging. Maybe you’re right about licensing getting in the way of that. If someone buys a lego x-wing, maybe they just want an x-wing haha.
    Speaking to this set specifically, it certainly looks cool and I’d enjoy building it, but I have little interest in buying it as well.

  5. Holden

    Why is every comment on Lego sites anymore always whining about the price? It’s not Lego’s fault if you’re too stupid or lazy to earn a decent wage. If you want it, get off your entitled asses and earn the money to buy it. Otherwise just shut the hell up.

  6. R-Typist

    @Winston funny you should mention the x-wing as I was thinking about this just the other day. One of my nephews would *love* a Lego x-wing and something like the 7140 would be perfect in terms of complexity and playability but it seems that sort of option just doesn’t exist any more. 75218 feels geared towards adults who want an accurate build and the new 75235 – while a step back in the right direction – is rather too simple.

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