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LEGO 5007016 VIP 1950’s Retro Tin – A nice little perk with purchase [Review]

The mad rush of sales and events leading up to the holiday season is in full swing, and LEGO is leaning hard into “how many ways can we get collectors to shell out big bucks multiple times over a span of several days?”  The first push, the VIP weekend, is drawing to a close, but there’s still a few hours (probably) for VIP members to pick up an interesting gift with purchase. LEGO 5007016 VIP 1950’s Retro Tin is available through November 25th from the LEGO Shop Online as a VIP Gift with qualifying purchases of US $250 | CAN $330 | UK £250.  The details about the tin are pretty sparse at LEGO.com, but their US shipping was quick, and we now have one on hand to share with you. Come along and learn the details of this decorative object!

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