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Space salvage done with style

Based on the iconic salvage tug from the computer video game Star Citizen, this model of the Drake Industries Vulture by Volker Brodkorb is a stunningly detailed replica of its on-screen inspiration. From the rotating engine modules to the forward prongs, loaded with juicy greebly bits, and an assortment of stickers.

DRAKE - Vulture (Star Citizen)

This impressive model, built to minifig scale, even boasts some great interiors.

DRAKE - Vulture (Star Citizen)

Star Citizen Vanguard heads to the front lines

Stephan Niehoff revisits the sci-fi video game universe of Star Citizen, the oft-delayed but undeniably gorgeous space combat simulator.


Like Stephan’s Brutus gunboat we previously highlighted, this craft is a herculean LEGO creation packed with neat details and shaping techniques, and given the appearance of metallic wear with a dusting of chalk. If you look closely you can spot an inventive use of multiple orange flippers (aka Frogman’s feet).

The more I see of the game’s vehicle designs the more I’m reminded of Sky-Fi, a favorite sub-genre of LEGO fan building which features (sometimes illogical) flying vessels that repurpose familiar air- and space-craft design elements. The Vanguard looks to me like a very chunky offspring of the P-38 Lightning.

This serious ballista vehicle is not messing around

When you need to defend your outpost from aerial attack, you need an anti-aircraft Ballista. Like this one built by Douglas Hughes, which features not one, but two substantially armed turrets; one sporting rocket launchers, the other, twin machine guns. The cab is very well sculpted with angled panels, and that blue striped detail is a nice touch.

Ballista mobile anti-air unit!

The vehicle is based on the Anvil Ballista from the multiplayer sci-fi game Star Citizen. But Douglas didn’t just build an amazing vehicle, he motorized it (maybe you noticed the cleverly integrated control box on the side) and lit the cab as well.

Ballista cockpit!

A great yellow spaceship that isn’t from Star Wars

When it comes to building a spaceship with character, sometimes the spaces in between the LEGO elements are just as important, if not more so, than the parts themselves. A good gap or connection can provide the perfect breathing room or white space in a model. This craft, known as the Vulture, from the upcoming video game Star Citizen, by GolPlaysWithLego is packed with some very nice details. One of the most interesting of which would have to be the post-production effects used to place the vessel in action.

The Vulture (Star Citizen) LEGO MOC

One of my absolute favorite details is the use of two black roller-skates on either side of the black 1×2 ingot just behind the front cockpit (and another on each of the forward arms). Another well-placed mini-figure accessory is the ice skate. Finally, the builder achieves a half-plate gap behind a pair of cheese slopes attached to headlight bricks.

The Vulture (Star Citizen) LEGO MOC