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R2-B2, the lost cousin of Artoo that didn’t make the cut

Meet R2-B2, Artoo’s long-lost cousin that didn’t get to play a scene in the Star Wars movie franchise, rebuilt by Luc Byard. It was said in recently recovered interviews that “Betoo” was simply too overwhelming and would overshadow Threepio as his droid buddy. We think George Lucas made a good call on this one, but wish he had a cameo, perhaps as an Easter Egg buried in the background. R2-B2 has never been seen again since then. Some say he’s just been overly depressed from Artoo’s success over the years and went into hiding.


Besides just being a color accurate, it’s nice to see how Luc used all the right elements, designs, and curves to reflect the familiar parts of Artoo’s signature look. I’m still a little concerned about boarding a 3 wheeler bus, so I’m definitely going to question the issue of stability.


These are the droids that I’m surely looking for

Builder DOGOD Brick Design certainly found the droids that we were all looking for. These tiny builds of the robots that we know and love so dearly are cleverly built in a slightly 2D form. The flat designs would sit quite nicely in a frame or stuck on a magnet or even on a Christmas ornament. While the building techniques may be simple-looking, DOGOD certainly brought these characters to life with instant recognition. I wonder if we might see the rest of the characters from the Star Wars movies represented in a similar style sometime in the future.


Click for a closer look at these droids

Portrait of an Astromech Droid

From a distance, this may look like any other simple portrait layout of R2-D2, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that it uses an incredible array of parts from Technic beams to droids and even minifigures! Although we’ve seen this technique in the past, Alby Darul has executed it excellently with just a few pieces to capture the Artoo’s iconic lines, giving the mosaic a great sense of depth.

My LEGO R2-D2 Funky Portrait

My LEGO R2-D2 Funky Portrait