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Nothing left in the tank

After a very long work week, I can totally sympathize with this lethargic LEGO bot by Kevin H. (optimus-convoy). The scene here is excellent: a lanky robot finds itself with an overwhelming case of ennui while sitting atop a battery box. The slack-jawed expression on this robo’s face is perfect as it absent-mindedly stares at the flower at its feet, trying to find the energy to stand up and resume its tasks. And while the figure here is quite spindly, Kevin still manages to incorporate some excellent parts usage. The best of the bunch has got to be the upside-down Constraction head on its chest taken from the Star Wars Praetorian Guard figure. And I have to applaud the daring choice of bare axles for the weary automaton’s limbs. That wiry, malnourished look, even on a mechanical man, absolutely exudes exhaustion!

Oh, I'm Tired

Is that shadow from an aircraft or a giant bird monster?

Coming from the laboratory of builder Kevin H. this LEGO parakeet kaiju will have you running for the hills! The first thing I notice about this figure is the awesome neon green pieces. Makes me wonder if it’s radioactive… I particularly like the band on it’s belly, a panel popular in the Blacktron LEGO toy line back in the early 90’s. And since we’re looking at the details, pieces from the Bionicle toy line, like those claw hooks for talons, abound! They give the mechanical monstrosity a machine-like texturing that would make Mechagodzilla jealous. This build is as beautiful as it is scary, but I prefer it as LEGO than a real mech terrorizing cities. Though I’d watch that movie!


I brought you a present. You like frogs under glass, right?

Nothing says “happy holidays” quite like Tainstvennyy glaz, a creature build by Kevin H. I mean, I think it’s saying “Happy Holidays”, but man, that’s one thick accent. Described by Kevin as  the “Master of machinations, connoisseur of exotic tat, and a virtuoso of the virtual realm!”, T-Glaz is super glamourous with expertly arranged Bionicle masks, creepy black tentacles, and angelic wings. And then there’s the golden lollypop and frog under glass accessories. Bon Appetit!

Tainstvennyy glaz

This build was inspired by the creations of Ivan Martynov, and served as a very unique Secret Santa gift to Ivan from Kevin. Doesn’t that just get you into the gift-giving mood? I mean, maybe it’s a little late for that this year, but there’s plenty of time to get building for next time. And if you need inspiration, just check out our Bionicle tag for more stellar creations!