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The real treasure is the LEGO we found along the way

While I’m used to working with something that has a few more teeth, I always appreciate a great LEGO container. And Larsvader definitely provides with this excellent treasure chest. The black wrought iron hardware is well-made, with 1×1 round tiles dotting the creation all over to replicate the case’s many rivets. And the use of black flame decorations to form the keyhole is a brilliant bit of part usage. It’s almost as impressive as the great mass of LEGO coins that Lars has accumulated to fill up this trunk. It makes quite the treasure for LEGO Pirates fans from the 90’s.

Treasure chest

Read up on a classic fairy tale

The aptly named Larsvader has discovered the formula for LEGO success with this brilliant creation emerging from the pages of a large book. It depicts the story of Rumpelstiltskin. As the Grimm fairytale goes, the little gnome, situated in the lower left by the campfire, strikes a deal with a beautiful young maiden citing that he can spin straw into gold in exchange for her first born child. She’s rather receptive to the gold part of the deal as it has made her a very rich queen but decides to renege once she bears her first child. She tries to reason with the weird, oddly-named gnome and he strikes up a counter offer; if she can guess his name within three days, she may keep her child. All seems at a loss for the queen until someone overhears a premature celebration of the gnome thus learning his name and delivering that info to the queen. It’s a tale that bears a powerful message, that being; rich people are better people and if you’re short and ugly, you’re gonna get the shaft. Or something. I don’t really know what the fairy tale is about. Still, there’s no denying the amazing layout that Larsvader created here. Here’s to hoping we see more from this builder soon.

fairy tale castle

Cackle, boil, battle and foil

It’s nice when LEGO creations tell a story. Larsvader’s latest scene does exactly that. Whether you read the narrative he’s provided in the description or not, the story seems clear: a witch planned on having some children over for dinner, but Lady Megan has come to stop her. The story is framed nicely by walls and a floor made of varying shapes and shades of gray bricks.
Lady Megan
Furthermore, there are plenty of supporting details that help enrich the scene and enhance the story. For example, the skeletons imply the witch has killed before. One can only wonder what potions and sorcery are contained in the jars and spell books. The chained up man implies that perhaps this isn’t the first rescue attempt, or maybe he’s Lady Megan’s lover and the true treasure of her quest. What’s next in store for Lady Megan, the man, the children, and the witch?