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Little big horns for your Krampus

The new LEGO x Target collection has delivered some remarkably fun pieces. The Snow Character kit, ostensibly for building a snowman, includes human-sized versions of a handful of elements, and fans are already taking advantage of them in unique ways. This build by Blair Archer incorporates the giant-sized horns to create a Krampus head just in time for Christmas. The glow in the dark eyes round out the build giving it an otherworldly glow. Hope you haven’t been naughty this year!

If you’re interested in the LEGO x Target collection big pieces, be sure to check out Tom Alphin’s excellent review over at Brick Architect.

He knows when you’ve been naughty...

Santa Claus rewards good behavior with gifts, but what about the children who have been a bit naughty this year? Forget the lumps of coal in your stocking; you might just receive a visit from the half goat, half demon named Krampus. Sounds like a pleasant experience, right? Letranger Absurde has drawn upon holiday horrors to a LEGO version of the character from the campy 2015 film, Krampus. While Krampus is decked out in a festive “jolly red suit,” the rest of him is pure nightmare fuel. Krampus sits hunched over with lengthy horns protruding, all while his face is creepily hidden behind the veil of the robe. Think about how you treat people this year, or you might find yourself trapped in an eternal snow globe of terror.

Krampus (2015)