When I have too much holiday eggnog I get Krampus

Sure I love Christmas as much as anyone else. But sometimes you want a more traditional holiday and show up with a birch rod, scare the bejesus out of misbehaving kids, and stuff them in a wicker basket. Who’s with me on this? Am I right? Anyone? No? Anyway, I’m sure renowned LEGO builder Corvus Auriac knows what I mean as evidenced by this creepy Krampus figure of Alpine folklore. I like the crazed eyes, the snow globe in his hand, and the serpent peeking from beneath his robe. What’s in the bag, Krampus? It’s probably best not to ask too many questions but the teddy bear and the red stains tell me someone won’t be getting that Peppa Pig toy train they wanted. The builder says that this is a render but can be achieved using real LEGO bricks. If your sentiments veer on the dark side, (you know who you are) then check out our Corvus Auriac archives.