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This Bionicle is a big hit on Tinder

It must be tough times on Mata Nui, as this Toa has resorted to getting a day job as a lumberjack.¬†Tempting as it is, I’ll be avoiding the Monty Python jokes when talking about this clever build by Johann Dakitsch.¬†I like the clever details like the rubber tires used to beef up the legs, the Hero Factory armor used for the sleeves, and the row of 1×1 round silver plate that forms the jacket’s zipper. Oh, and that axe is pretty sweet, too.

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This spindly snow mech is tougher than it looks

One of the trademarks of a great mech is the creative use of a certain part. In this case, it’s about a Bionicle-inspired build by Johann Dakitsch, and the part is the gently curving balloon segment, which puts this model head and shoulders above the competition. Get it? Yeah, I’m a dad. And speaking of Bionicle, this model was built as part of a challenge to build Bionicle without the use of the specific parts common with that theme. Johann did a fantastic job creating the signature look using more traditional parts.

Feeling itchy? Check for Riot Fleas!

A bit ago a group of friends coordinated in posting a slew of Riot Fleas onto the interwebs. What’s a Riot Flea? You know, we’re still not sure. Maybe they’re like regular fleas but more…you know…riotous. This one by LEGO builder Johann Dakitsch is particularly good with its red armor and tools for hands. Unlike the other Riot Fleas, Johann tells us this one is good for assessment, maintenance and the occasional intruder disposal. This still doesn’t help in ascertaining exactly what a Riot Flea is but we like it anyway. Check out the other time we were impressed albeit flummoxed by Riot Fleas and be sure to check out the rest of them in the builder’s links.