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This jester will keep the royal court entertained

Markus Rollbühler has created this impressive build of a juggling jester. The use of vibrant pink and purple in the colour scheme has made this one eye-catching model. The entertainer has some great details such as the frilly sections of the costume which are cleverly represented by skirt pieces at the upper shoulders. Torches, fruits, and even a knife have been slotted onto a flexible tube piece, used to portray the items in mid-air. It appears the jester might be planning to add more to the mix as some apples and a glass jar are suspiciously placed on the table below him.

Brickscalibur 2021 Trophy: Juggling Jester

A splash of colour to light up the dark ages

LEGO castle creations are often a brilliant display of how to build with gray bricks. And though I love big gray castles as much as the next LEGO fan (I’m even hoarding all kinds of gray bricks to build my own massive castle one day), I can also appreciate castle creations with a generous splash of colour, like Tobias Goldschalt has with his jester scene.

The trees are a brilliant adaptation of the one in front of the Bookshop modular building, and remind us in the real world that autumn I around the corner. If the bright colours aren’t enough, the jester is prancing along the road with his entourage in tow, bringing cheer to the local peasantry. Dancing to the sound of a drum and guitar, as he moves on to his next location along with his wagon full of props.

Fooling around in the royal court

My friend Doug Hughes isn’t always outspoken, but his LEGO builds are certainly bold! I’m constantly impressed by his unique designs and clever parts usage. This latest piece chronicles the entertainment of a jester in a royal court. But I have to be honest, I almost lose the jester in the majesty of the whole scene. The perfect curvature, the bold colors, and the mix of architectural styles all pull you into every independent detail. You get lost in loving the floating pillars, or statues, or trees, or gold designs, or even the texture created by the underside of jumper plates. Then you step back again and the whole thing paints a harmonious picture. Brilliant.

The Jester's Travels

While you’re looking, I would play a little eye-spy. Then check out another favorite of mine, Doug’s Seanchan Greatship.