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When the diner comes to you!

This lovely LEGO diner on wheels comes from the mind of builder 1saac W. Known for their signature scrambled eggs, Moe’s Mobile Diner saves you the trouble of traveling all the way to the diner. Instead, the diner comes to you with those classic curves and stylings of 1960’s diners. The teal blue of the lower section of the mobile diner hearkens to the old upholstery of those diners. The silver grille parts in the front are nice touches for that more chrome, shiny looks of the utensils. The counter space has lovely rounded edges where you can sit and have your eggs while you chat with Moe. The slope pieces framing the kitchen window are slick, and so are those stools in front. And can you spot the cool use of the silver minifig roller-skate acting as a door handle? I think Moe is on to something with his mobile diner.

Moe's Mobile Diner

Nothing warms you up like a fresh bowl of noodles

There are so many different types of LEGO elements that you can build pretty much anything you can imagine. Some builders make spaceships, some make robots, others make houses large and small. Khang Huynh takes inspiration from familiar sights they see everyday, like this noodle cart stationed next to a dilapidated utility pole. I love the way one end of the cart is propped up an extra stool. The steam added to the photograph, and the dark lighting really help to set the scene.

[Familiar #11] - Hủ tiếu mì gõ | Knock-knock Noodle

Get a piping hot dog at the corner food truck

The food truck revolution has made lunch a lot more tasty for millions of office workers in cities all over the world. LEGO 7 brings us a delicious LEGO version of a hot dog truck, complete with brick-built lettering and a noble dachshund statue gracing its roof.

Hot Dogs Food Truck

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