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A cottage and a Vespa to call your own

I don’t know why but I’ve had a thing for little abodes lately. This LEGO cottage built by Erek Weidner is a little slice of perfection. You have an apple tree, a wee French Bulldog, a shiny red Vespa, and a tiny cottage to call your own. The butterflies, ladybugs, and squirrels are just icing on the cozy perfection cake. What else do you need, really? I imagine a good strong Wi-Fi connection would make this place perfect. The lawn is a little bit unruly but I think the sheep will have that settled pretty soon.

Little Cottage - Front

Grab some oc-tapas at the Octopus Bar & Grill

If you’re hankering for some seafood, best to check out the new LEGO restaurant on the corner of Modular Lane, owned and operated by Erek Weidner. The color scheme here really stands out: the light nougat walls with dark stone columns and red highlights making the building pop. I love the pattern of ornate shapes hugging the waist of the structure, the simple design on the tree formed around a piece of seaweed, and the gorgeous lettering on the restaurant’s sign. But I haven’t even talked about the 800-pound octopus in the room… or rather, on the roof. It’s an inspired idea to jazz up this modular, pulled straight from the pages of a used car dealership’s playbook.

Octopus Bar&Grill