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Introducing the 2049 Chevy Corvette

The original Blade Runner movie (which was set in 2019) introduced us to flying cars known as Spinners. Obviously, here in 2022, our cars are still grounded, but Sérgio Batista gives us a glimpse of what could be if modern automobiles had such technology. Using the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R from set 76903 as a starting point, Sérgio has created a perfect blend of modern automotive styling and futuristic hover technology. Sure would be nice if we could take this bad boy for a spin. But, who knows, maybe by the Blade Runner sequel date of 2049…

Corvette V8.R Spinner 2049

Sleek and feature-packed Corvette made from the parts of a rival car

This smooth car by Firas Abu-Jaber is an alternate build using parts from the LEGO Porsche 911 set, and it looks fantastic. But any sports car is more than just flashy, this precision automobile is packed with features just like the official LEGO set, and others of the same scale.

Chevrolet Corvette C3

From opening doors, hood, flip-up headlights, and even a detailed engine in the back, this car fits right in with the official set. The reflective surface also adds a touch of class to the final pics.

Chevrolet Corvette C3

First look at the 2021 LEGO Speed Champions lineup featuring Toyota, Ford, Dodge and more [News]

German retailer JB Spielwaren reveals six new sets featuring 9 new vehicles to be added to the Speed Champions lineup for 2021. The new sets are expected to be released on June 1st 2021.

Click to take a closer look at the new Speed Champions 2021 sets