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This bunny is making green

They say carrots are good for your eyesight, but they’re even better for your bank account when you understand the market. And BetaNotus brings us a rabbit that knows how to capitalize on his expertise. This combo rover/carrot harvester/maybe even a carrot incubator isn’t your everyday piece of farm equipment. But that’s business. To succeed, you have to innovate.

Capitalistic Carrot Connoisseurs Careen Carelessly

A bunny as sweet as his basket of colorful eggs

If you’ve ever wondered why Easter is associated with bunnies and eggs, you’re not alone! But like many things, it dates back hundreds of years. The legend of a bunny that lays colorful eggs started as a German children’s story that was eventually brought to the US in the 1700’s. Now these symbols of spring and fertility spark “Easter egg hunts” across the world. Today is the second most lucrative day of the year for candy-makers (after Halloween). I particularly like this LEGO tribute, built by Daniel Stoeffler, because the bunny is a little reminiscent of illustrations from old children’s books, like Peter Rabbit. Now, if you celebrate, don’t forget to leave a carrot out for him!

Easter Rabbit

Lifelike features in models are some of my favorite! Daniel says he had inspiration from another LEGO bunny, built by Felix Jaensch.