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A dastardly duo of freaky-deaky bots

In a LEGO world of massive castles and spaceships sometimes it’s refreshing to see little things that are well built. Take this duo of odd little bots created by the enigmatic R 194, for example. First, we see the very expressive Spear Soldier.

Spear soldier

Next, we have my personal favorite, the Highway Disturber. It’s like a mythical creature with its unicorn horn.

Highway disturber

What is the purpose of these two? Why does the spear soldier look so sad? How does Highway Disturber disturb the highway, exactly? The builder offers no explanation so these little bots propose more questions than answers. Pretty cray-cray, right? Sometimes ya just gotta stop asking questions and go with it.

Never trust a cube-shaped bot

There are so many ways to give your LEGO bot a character, and one of them is through the shape of its head. For instance, you can build a very menacing-looking bot with a sphere-shaped head or put a really intimidating one with a triangle on his shoulders. Meanwhile, Andreas Lenander chooses another very terrifying option and designs his bots to carry cube-shaped heads. There’s plenty of ways to make LEGO bricks look scary, but these robots have to be my number one pick. Just look at their creepy laser eyes..!

Cube-bots BN-1 and BN-2

A turn of a wrench and a dollop of grease et voila!

LEGO creations are true to the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” in that they can tell amazing stories without any text. And even though Bart De Dobbelaer has provided a story alongside his creation, this one can speak for itself.

Bot Wars 2086 - the Repairman

The backdrop of rusty and grimy metal – effortlessly conveyed with simple colour choices (dark grey metal, dark orange rust, and sand green algae) – tells you a lot about where we find ourselves. This isn’t a peaceful, pristine repair shop. No, it’s a rough and tough place. Those walls have seen some stuff. The bold colour choices extend to the numerous bots as well, with their rusty metal frames being complimented by a smorgasbord of fun parts usages in red and yellow. If you’re a LEGO parts monkey like me, you’ll have a heck of a fun time trying to identify everything used to build these bots. Lost in the chaos is the titular repairman himself, doing what he can to strap these bots together and keep them running. While I have hope he can fix some of these robot folks up, the story might not have a happy ending for all of them, as the smattering of loose yellow and red parts tell the story of those bots that didn’t make it to the party.