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LEGO Bicycle

Flickr user Vasil Vasil (Silvavasil_LEGO) takes a different approach than Chris did on the subject matter of bicycles. He has created a delicate and extremely elegant road bike where the vivid colours combined with the creative parts usage makes for a very pleasing model to view.

Lego Bicycle 1

There are a few other views in the photoset on flickr

TREK “Superfly 29er”

This is one of those “the thumbnail looked like the real thing” creations.  Chris Melby (ZeeMasterBrickhas deftly recreated a TREK hard tail “Superfly 29er” out of LEGO.  This build is packed full of wonderful little details like the alien blasters for brake levers to the droid bodies for the pedal clips.  The custom decal work  by custombricks is just icing on the cake.

TREK "Superfly 29er" (Team Z Edition)

Piotr catches some air

In his latest LEGO creation, Piotr Ślęzak depicts an exciting ride! That bike is really nice and the posing of the rider is top-notch. Nice job!

Lego bicycle

Nathan Proudlove and the World of Tomorrow

This may be the first steampunk SHIP (that’s a Spacer term for Significantly Huge Investment in Parts). Nathan Proudlove presents a flying steampunk aircraft carrier reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s ship in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow:

Not surprisingly, my favorite part is the little steampunk bicycle thingie sitting on the deck:

(More catching up. This one via Brick Brick.)

If Santa Traded in His Reindeer...

…he might have to ride a bicycle instead (from nias):

Giant Revive Bicycle by nias

Brickshelf user nias, whose wheelchair and Ferrari Knight I featured previously, recently posted another minifig-scale vehicle — the Giant Revive bicycle:

Click the image to see the full gallery, along with a picture of a real-life Giant Revive bike.