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Nathan Proudlove and the World of Tomorrow

This may be the first steampunk SHIP (that’s a Spacer term for Significantly Huge Investment in Parts). Nathan Proudlove presents a flying steampunk aircraft carrier reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s ship in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow:

Not surprisingly, my favorite part is the little steampunk bicycle thingie sitting on the deck:

(More catching up. This one via Brick Brick.)

If Santa Traded in His Reindeer...

…he might have to ride a bicycle instead (from nias):

Giant Revive Bicycle by nias

Brickshelf user nias, whose wheelchair and Ferrari Knight I featured previously, recently posted another minifig-scale vehicle — the Giant Revive bicycle:

Click the image to see the full gallery, along with a picture of a real-life Giant Revive bike.