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Behold! An excellent LEGO D&D monster!

Other than its titular dragons, there isn’t a more iconic Dungeons & Dragons monster than the terrifying Beholder. And this version by Tim and Dannii from LEGO Masters Australia is a critical hit! The shaping and coloration are fantastic, and I love the bit of drool dripping out of that hideous mouth. All those teeth make for a menacing countenance the causes my level 10 warforged wizard to quake with fear. I also particularly like the ruins in the background. It shows some elegantly simple work with brown bars, and it sets a great scene without stealing the show.

Behold THIS, Mickey and Minnie!

LEGO set designer and artist Wes Talbott saw the large macaroni pieces in the new 43179 Mickey and Minnie Buildable Characters set and knew immediately that he must build a beholder from Dungeons and Dragons instead. I approve of every last facet of that preceding sentence. It has an engaging start, takes us on a riotous journey through the middle, then concludes with a most satisfying end. Some best-selling novels don’t even go that well. What can I say? When it comes to geek memorabilia or the big corporate mouse, I will side with boardgame monsters every time. I think you’ll agree that this beholder is a sight to behold.