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Eevee: a picture perfect Pokémon

Eevee, in almost all instances, is adorable beyond measure. This LEGO portrait from Tim and Dannii (who you may know from LEGO Masters Australia) continues in the tradition. Right away, I’m super glad Dannii allows Eevee’s ears to spill out over the frame! Eevee has beautiful ears that get to shine rather than being clipped by the boundaries of the frame. The building technique at work here, the brick-built 3D character, gives the portrait the feeling of a window. It’s like Eevee is taking a peek at us from the Pokémon world! Definitely a great choice over doing a flat studs-only picture. This way Eevee seems more alive, which is exactly what we all want with Pokémon.

Behold! An excellent LEGO D&D monster!

Other than its titular dragons, there isn’t a more iconic Dungeons & Dragons monster than the terrifying Beholder. And this version by Tim and Dannii from LEGO Masters Australia is a critical hit! The shaping and coloration are fantastic, and I love the bit of drool dripping out of that hideous mouth. All those teeth make for a menacing countenance the causes my level 10 warforged wizard to quake with fear. I also particularly like the ruins in the background. It shows some elegantly simple work with brown bars, and it sets a great scene without stealing the show.