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Dr. l.0 Bot Omni III and Specimen 34

Have you ever been in a place or a situation in which you have no idea what is happening but love it anyway? That’s pretty much how I’m feeling about this new LEGO creation by
Blake Lapadula. The title of this piece is called Dr. l.0 Bot Omni III & Specimen 34, which offers no help in deciphering its meaning. The long arms, the derpy skull, the power drill, the bubble canisters, even the little bot leaves me puzzled. But boy do I love it all! There is just so much charm and character here. The skeleton minifigures made into hands are just brilliant. This isn’t the first time we’ve been totally smitten by something Blake has done. You know what to do.

Dr. l.0 Bot Omni III & Specimen 34

Rotor is coming in hot!

What would Bionicle characters look like if they were designed by fans? That’s what some LEGO fans have been exploring, and one recent example is this Bionicle villain by awesomenessborn. The answer seems to be that they’d be a bit bigger than most Bionicle characters were, a whole lot more detailed, and totally cool. At first glance I thought this character was much smaller, and then I spotted the orange wheel used as a shoulder. And I was nearly fooled into thinking that was an official Bionicle mask he was wearing, but it’s actually made out of a handful of pieces, including a Pakari mask on top. With the huge chopper blade on top, I’m almost getting the vibe of Roboriders/Slizers.


And speaking of fans and Bionicle, don’t forget to check out the official LEGO Ideas fan vote to revive a classic theme, where Bionicle is one of the four finalists!

A voodoo-head from the time before time

Waking up on a tropical island has become a familiar premise to many LEGO fans familiar with Bionicle. Awesomenessborn brings us an odd tribal figure on a small sandy landscape dominated by a stone head statue. It may not look like the colourful mechanical warriors of Bionicle, but instead it resembles the prototype figures from the theme’s development phase. Originally nicknamed Bone-Heads of Voodoo Island, the figures looked more innocent and less war-like, which the builder captures very well. The proportions of the figure’s body, with its thin waist and protruding stomach are reminiscent of earlier Bionicle sets.

First Contact

The statue on the other hand, is terrifying compared to the figure. Overgrown with plants and vines, it resembles a weathered skull that contrasts the smooth raised baseplate from an old pirate set which is used as the small landscape. To complete the foreboding mystery of this world, there are also some spiders on top of the statue. One can even spot a nasty surprise crawling out its mouth…