LEGO Ideas fan results – Bionicle, Classic Space and Pirates shortlisted for LEGO 90th Anniversary Set [News]

Just two weeks ago, LEGO Ideas allowed fans to vote for a classic theme to be revived for the LEGO 90th Anniversary Set. The results are now out and phase 2 begins. Bionicle, Classic Space and Pirates are the top three winning themes. Because of not considering subcategories properly, the Castle theme will be included for the second fan vote.

A total of over 77,000 people participated in the votes and the results are as follows:

Bionicle – 24799
Classic Space – 18171
Pirates – 15884
Trains – 14855
Adventurers – 13988
Classic Castle -12603
Forestmen – 8056
Lion Knights – 7117
Imperials – 7012
Town – 6610
Black Knights – 6427
Model Team – 6397
Dragon Knights – 6334
Space Police – 5738
Rock Raiders – 5298
Studios – 5179
Blacktron – 5088
Ice Planet – 4503
Black Falcons – 4244
Aquazone – 4051
M-Tron – 3555
Alpha Team – 2807
Paradisa – 2584
Time Cruisers – 2234
Wolfpack – 2111
Exploriens – 1695
Arctic – 1620
Divers – 1424

The LEGO Ideas theme realised a mistake by splitting the castle theme down to further subcategories. Here are the exact details of the reasoning:

…we’ve seen an absolutely huge amount of support for Castle and each of the subthemes of Castle. We believe that we have made a mistake in not having all the Castle themes as just the one option to vote on in the first round. Even if you combine ‘Classic Castle’ and ‘Forestmen’ and not all of the other Castle subthemes, it pushes the number of votes up and Castle would be in the top three. This is what the results would look like if we consolidated the sub-themes of Castle:

  • If we add up every user that cast either 1, 2, or 3 votes for Castle, that’s 33489 users (more than double the necessary votes to make the top three).
  • If we add up all of the non-fantasy castle themes, excluding Classic Castle (Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Black Knights, Forestmen, and Wolfpack) there are 20821 users who cast a vote for at least one of these themes
  • If we add up Forestmen, Lion Knights, and Black Nights, (the three themes to succeed the Classic Yellow Castle) there are16030 users who cast a vote, again enough to take the 3rd place position from Pirates.

We realize and take full responsibility, that we made the mistake of splitting the Castle vote. So we are going to have our second vote, increase from three options to four to include Castle. As to not push out Pirates.

This will mean that the second fan vote will kick off with the following options:

  1. Bionicle
  2. Classic Space
  3. Pirates
  4. Castle

We feel as though this is one of the best ways not only to honor the winners of this fan vote, but also to let the voices of 33489 people who voted for Castle or a subtheme be heard. If we consolidated any other subthemes together, for example ‘Classic Space’ and ‘Space Police’ or any other subtheme, it wouldn’t change the top three, and the winners. The only exception is Castle!

Here are the full details of the first announcement and details of the voting process. The vote now continues to its second phase and will close on February 10th at 11 AM CEST 2021. The casting of the vote is now open.


14 comments on “LEGO Ideas fan results – Bionicle, Classic Space and Pirates shortlisted for LEGO 90th Anniversary Set [News]

  1. winstonheard

    They did the same thing to the space themes. They should have had broader categories in the first round (space, pirates, castle, town, etc.) and then broken them out in later rounds.

    Or better yet, forget this contest and just give us one throwback set a year. There’s clearly a market for them and they can toss it in the 18+ line.

  2. Ben J.

    Doing a little quick math, there were a total 200,384 votes cast; meaning that, if everyone had cast the full three votes available (likely not the case), there were about 66,800 individuals who voted. So somewhere in the 67-68k total individuals, as a guess?

    Almost exactly half of whom (33,489) cast at least one vote for a Castle theme. And a total of 46,892 votes for all the castle sub-themes. That’s half the total voters casting nearly a quarter of the total vote for some Castle.

    Similarly, for Space – TLG doesn’t give us the number of individuals, but we can add up a total of 38,750 votes for all Space themes together. About a fifth of the total vote.

    And both the Pirates themes sum to 22,896 votes.

    I also add up 29,688 votes for all “Modern-Realistic” themes (Train, Town, Studio, Arctic, Diver). Over half of that is Trains, of course…

    Finally, I count up 28,378 votes for “Adventure-Fantasy” Themes (Rock Raiders, Aquazone, Alpha Team, Time Cruisers and of course Adventurers), of which Adventurers itself is nearly half the total.

    At any rate, all told, and including the ‘leftovers’ of Model Team and Paradisa, I see 67,047 votes which were not cast for the four final themes.

    The overwhelming likelihood is that the individuals who cast those votes also voted for one of the final themes, and therefore I think it’s safe to assume that there are not really all too many individuals who will now be choosing ‘blank slate’ in this second, final, vote.

    The overall upshot is that my guess would be that the vote totals we see for the summed final themes are probably indicative of overall interest; There is a –lot– of interest in Castle, and I would be unsurprising it it eventually wins. Only slightly less for Space. Noticeably less (somewhat more than half as much support each) for Pirates and Bionicle.

    It’ll might be interesting to guess where people who really like Trains/Town, and the people who really like Adventurers would vote in the finals (maybe for Space and Pirates, respectively?) but as I said, overall, I think this final is likely between Space and Castle. I think they made a great decision to combine the Castle themes as they discussed.

  3. Jon Magnus Lauglo

    Between the excellent two recent pirates set from last year, I hope that Castle or Space wins this time and gets a nice big set in the 100-200 dollar range.

    My big problem is that I cannot log in to vote for Ideas and I know I am not the only one.

  4. Hobbes

    I think Pirates have been sorted with Pirates of Barracuda Bay. The Medieval Blacksmith is nice but it is not a ‘proper’ castle set so it would be nice to have a proper castle (there are a few nice ones on review on the idea platform right now – fingers crossed). Classic Space is where I would like to see something done as I do not consider The Lego Movie Spaceship as a ‘proper’ Classic Space set – it was more of a satire than the real thing – and it looks like they tried to mash up a few Space themes together (colour pattern was all over the place). Just like winstonheard says above, I often suggested to Lego to create a ‘Legacy’ theme and release a set(or two – a big and a small) per year of the 20 or so themes that we had to choose from.

  5. gol

    I’d be Lego I’d blend the winning themes. I’ve seen MOCs mixing classic space & castle which were rather good. More complicated with Bionicle of course.

  6. Exxos

    Bionicle should not even be included. Not even considering the conflict over Bionicle, it does not fit with the lego brick format adequately enough to be included in this event.

  7. Mark

    I have brick separators older than some of these “Classic Themes”, It would make for a much more interesting poll and a far more appropriate commemorative set if it excluded recently-retired themes and those that haven’t already been revisited within the last decade.

  8. Håkan

    Judging from the StoneWars Article, Spyrius and Extreme Team took the 29th and 30th spot, respectively. Can’t say I find the results that surprising, Spyrius was a pretty decent team, but it might have been too small with too few stand-out sets. Extreme Team had some good ideas, but overall it kinda felt juniorized and gimmicky with a lot of small and uninteresting sets, with garishly mixmatched color schemes.

    Apparently, another article on the same German site indicated that many fans had misunderstood whether “Classic Castle” would refer to the “Yellow Castle” 1978-1984 period or any of the more general Castle themes released between 1984 and 1998, which might be another reason for Lego picking a general “Castle” option.

  9. Håkan

    The thing about Bionicle is that Lego tried a reboot relatively recently but both the last reboot (2015-2016) and Star Wars Buildable Figures (2015-2018) seem to have failed living up to expectations, and since 2018 there hasn’t been a single CCBS-based set released. There were some rumors that a new CCBS-based system was in the works, but currently, it’s unclear if there are still any CCBS molds left, and highly unlikely any new molds would be created for a single limited release set.

    Bionicle fans seem like occasionally a rather fickle bunch, and it’s unclear how well they would accept a Bionicle set excluding CCBS almost entirely, based on either System bricks or Technic beams…

    (Apparently there were rumors that a revamped CCBS system was in the works, however, which might change the matter…)

  10. Jon Magnus Lauglo

    I want to follow up on my earlier comment. Lego was able to fix this for me, and I have voted.

    If anyone else has the same problem – not being able to log in to Ideas and vote, reach out to the Ideas team here:

  11. Mark

    Well, if it wins at least one Bionicle part is still in production: The Sand Green “Claw 7 Modules With Cross Axle” (6329298|15362) showed most recently up in the 10280 Flower Bouquet.

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