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Dr. l.0 Bot Omni III and Specimen 34

Have you ever been in a place or a situation in which you have no idea what is happening but love it anyway? That’s pretty much how I’m feeling about this new LEGO creation by
Blake Lapadula. The title of this piece is called Dr. l.0 Bot Omni III & Specimen 34, which offers no help in deciphering its meaning. The long arms, the derpy skull, the power drill, the bubble canisters, even the little bot leaves me puzzled. But boy do I love it all! There is just so much charm and character here. The skeleton minifigures made into hands are just brilliant. This isn’t the first time we’ve been totally smitten by something Blake has done. You know what to do.

Dr. l.0 Bot Omni III & Specimen 34