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The Metropolitan is an Art Deco marvel that really swings, baby!

This breathtaking LEGO creation by Andrew Tate doesn’t hit the nostalgia feels, but rather gives me a powerful sense of anemoia. In case you haven’t memorized the entire English dictionary, anemoia is the proper term for nostalgia for a time one has never known. Still, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to don a bowtie and ring-a-ding-ding the night away in this swanky nightclub. The colors, shapes, repetition of forms, and rich Deco craftsmanship really make the heart sing. That delivery van though; mmmm, that is a beautiful thing indeed!

The Metropolitan club

Just when you thought Andrew has maxed out on architectural brilliance; this swanky club has an equally posh interior where well-dressed patrons sip their hooch and listen to that lovely canary sing. Sing, baby, sing! It turns out this isn’t the first time Andrew has swept us away to another time and place. Why not hit up the Andrew Tate archives to see what I mean?

The Metropolitan club

Birkin’s mean green Bentley machine

When it comes to British antique cars, Sir Henry Birkin’s 1930 4 1/2 litre Bentley is perhaps one of the most iconic. Birkin’s car was known as the Blower, owing its name to that of the supercharged racing engine which was designed with the help of a former Bentley mechanic. The car has been portrayed through countless forms, from scale model kits to Matchbox cars and now, thanks to Bricksonwheels, a beautiful-looking LEGO model. Bricksonwheels has managed to pull off an amazingly accurate representation, with plenty of key details inside and out.

1930 Bentley Blower in Lego 1:8,5 (with back cover)

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