Birkin’s mean green Bentley machine

When it comes to British antique cars, Sir Henry Birkin’s 1930 4 1/2 litre Bentley is perhaps one of the most iconic. Birkin’s car was known as the Blower, owing its name to that of the supercharged racing engine which was designed with the help of a former Bentley mechanic. The car has been portrayed through countless forms, from scale model kits to Matchbox cars and now, thanks to Bricksonwheels, a beautiful-looking LEGO model. Bricksonwheels has managed to pull off an amazingly accurate representation, with plenty of key details inside and out.

1930 Bentley Blower in Lego 1:8,5 (with back cover)

For example, the vehicle’s interior is fully decked out with custom decals for gauges, switches, and a gorgeous steering wheel. The floor is tiled with “wooden” floorboards, and even the brake and throttle pedals are there. It’s a million dollar look for a car that has sold for over $1 million!

1930 Bentley Blower in Lego 1:8,5 (interior with cover)

Just like the real thing, the hood can be removed to view an equally exquisite engine. Looking at this shot, it is also really impressive to see how the steering column extends from the dashboard to the chassis. This appears to be an extremely well-planned build.

1930 Bentley Blower in Lego 1:8,5 (hood removed)

Speaking of the chassis, Bricksonwheels, has done a great job of incorporating chassis details into the model’s underside. When on display, it would do well to have a mirror underneath for people to truly appreciate the effort that went into it.

1930 Bentley Blower in Lego 1:8,5 (underside)

Bricksonwheels has certainly covered all their bases with this build…literally. The car’s crowning detail is a custom-made rubber car cover, just like the one used on the car when racing. It’s hard to not love a model that has this much love put into it.

1930 Bentley Blower in Lego 1:8,5 (with back cover)