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I'm a builder with a short attention span and a lot of virtual bricks. I'm probably most known as a train builder and was involved in the creation of LEGO set 10183 but I do a lot of other stuff too. I'm also a member of the LDraw SteerCo and a webmaster for the site.

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Here be serpents

Since both brickshelf and flickr seem to be down right now, I went outside my comfort zone and had a look at MOCpages. And after discussing the excellent “Guardian of the Emerald” creation by LukeClarenceVan I’m very glad I did. The sea serpent uses a great set of multiple textural techniques, including some nice water effect, and the diorama itself is well set up. Great work all around.

Sea Serpent LEGO Model

Plastic glory

Patrick Bosman has long been one of my favourite town LEGO builders. His dedication to period accuracy, and detailed street life put him well into my top five. This shot of his ever evolving Amsterdam diorama summarises everything I like about Patrick’s work. Between the action, the details and the technical skill he presents a snapshot of real life in plastic glory.

pj_bosman 2013-09-01 Amsterdam Keizersgracht Utrechtsestraat  3585

Can’t see the forest for the trains

Mike Pianta (scruffulous) posted this timber wagon while I was away for work, so that’s my excuse for posting it three weeks late. As with any flatbed wagon it’s essentially a long, flat surface with wheels and details. The lack of interesting shapes actually makes it harder to render well in LEGO as the devil truly is in the details. Mike shows why he’s one of the leading train builders by packing it full of details. See eg. the backside of the bracket and the robot arms on the bogies.

VFTY Timber Wagon

Sydney Opera House in lights

LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught (TheBrickMan) is probably best known for his very cool, colossal models. This time we’re featuring him for something a bit smaller. His recent work has seen him reproduce the cranes and light show on the 10234 Sydney Opera House presented in direct comparison with the real thing. I think (perhaps I’m wrong) that the opera house itself is the recent kit, but the addition of extra elements really brings it to life.

LEGO Sydney Opera House photo shoot

Monsters Inc. in LEGO

By harnessing the power of ever awesome lime (an even more potent power source than screams or laughter), Dave Shaddix has rendered both Mike Wazowski and the famous doorway from Monsters Inc. in 100% pure LEGO brick. As well as the excellent sculpting work on Mike, the various details like the clipboard really make this diorama stand out.

You know it only works if you have every piece

Remarkable Rebrickable Revisited

I first posted (very briefly) about Nathan Thom’s Rebrickable when it launched two years ago. Since then the site has been getting better and better so it’s time for a revisit.

The basic gist of rebrickable is that you select a LEGO set, uploaded digital (LDD and LDraw) design (see eg. the rover we featured a while back) and it tells you if you can build it from your own parts. Which is pretty cool. Basically, it’s a library of sets and MOCs that not only shows you how to build things, but helps you find the parts you need to build them.

And it does all this from a slick interface. As a site, it’s useful for people who make their own designs (in LDD or LDraw), and for collectors. You can also compare two sets to see what parts they share. Or generate a part list from a CAD file and see how much it will cost.

What can you build? Rebrickable is there to help you answer that question.

Ghost in the Shell inspired drone tank

Apparently Leigh Holcombe’s (worker201) Urban Drone Tank fails the ‘inversion test’ (I assume that means it can’t be held upside-down), but I think the results speak for themselves. This minivan-sized armoured attack vehicle looks like it would be right at home in the universe of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Urban Drone Tank