LEGO 21103 BttF DeLorean now shipping

The LEGO and Back to the Future DeLorean set (21103) (reviewed here) is now shipping (at least in the US). So if you’re keen on this set and haven’t already noticed you can help us help you and buy it.

9 comments on “LEGO 21103 BttF DeLorean now shipping

  1. grandpappy

    I picked up 2 copies. I really liked it.

    There were nick picks people have had about the changes in design, but it’s a nice, sporty, compact little car.

    My only real gripe with it is the way they built the interior, Marty and the Doc can’t both sit in the car. This will be my first mod on this set…

  2. JimmytheJ

    Money’s tight / I missed the rush / I’m hiding under a rock until I know they fixed the “sheild eyes” typo.

    Link clickers take note!
    When I look, it says out of stock, will ship to America in 30 days.
    And in native Britain, it says out of stock, expected 20th Aug.

    There’s 7 on Amazon, and I believe they’ve jacked-up the price, perhaps due to limited availability.

  3. wyldjedi

    No matter what anyone says, I still think it is one ugly version of a Delorian. I also do not like how you cannot fit two figures in it. Now Doc and Marty do look great and to me those are the only decent selling points. That being said, minifigures have considerably less sway on my purchases so unless this goes on sale super cheap, I’m passing.

  4. Jake of All Trades

    Excitedly ordered one this morning at about 10am EST, but haven’t heard anything about shipping or backorders or anything yet. Can’t wait! Literally THE two things I was maniacally fanatic about for most of my life have been officially combined :D

  5. grandpappy

    Guss, I imagine they changed the front because it can be rebuilt into the version of the hood from the 3rd movie with all the contraptions on the hood.

  6. Brainslugged

    “Literally THE two things I was maniacally fanatic about for most of my life have been officially combined”

    That’s exactly how I felt when the first Star Wars sets came out.

  7. xj550

    I didn’t like the new hood, but after awhile I got used to it. The model scales better with the minifigures at this size which I think is part of the reason for the change. The other one was to make the 3rd movie version which is probably the bigger reason.


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