Here be serpents

Since both brickshelf and flickr seem to be down right now, I went outside my comfort zone and had a look at MOCpages. And after discussing the excellent “Guardian of the Emerald” creation by LukeClarenceVan I’m very glad I did. The sea serpent uses a great set of multiple textural techniques, including some nice water effect, and the diorama itself is well set up. Great work all around.

Sea Serpent LEGO Model

9 comments on “Here be serpents

  1. LukeClarenceVan

    Blogged by two different brothers on two different sites? Triumphant! ;) Thanks Gambort, great to see more attention to MOCpages, even if through necessity.

  2. Josh

    Unfortunately it has happened before. I’ve been guilty of blogging something that had already been posted. I think this is Tim’s first time though. ;)

  3. Ralph

    This just seems to confirm that pretty much anything good on MOCPages has already been posted on flickr ;-)

    Indeed, my F-105 got blogged twice. Now that I’m one of you, I could blog it a third time. That would be new (and very lame).

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