How-to: Cutting, gluing, & sculpting – Confessions of a minifig customizer (III)

In Part 1 of “Confessions of a minifig customizer,” we heard from Jasbrick about how to get started with minifig customization, and in Part 2 we learned about how to paint great minifigs. In our final installment, Jasbrick shares tips about the best ways to take customization even farther. When you just can’t find the Continue reading →

How-to: Tools of minifig customization – Confessions of a customizer (Part II)

In our first guest post from Jasbrick, we learned about how to get started with minifig customization. Now, let’s hear what he has to say about the tools of the trade. Now that you have a concept and have gone as far as you can by conventional means it is time to bring in the Continue reading →

This customizer’s always right

It’s no secret that I’m not much of a customizer myself. But, like most LEGO fans on either side of that customizing fence, I can still enjoy a beautiful bit of customizing when I see it. And Terry Jeffries’ customs are nothing if not beautifully and exceedingly well executed. Clean paint lines and smooth transitions Continue reading →

How-to: Confessions of a minifig customiser – Part I: Getting started

As we say in our AFOL jargon glossary, purism is “a form of religious fundamentalism.” LEGO fandom includes a broad range of preferences for what’s “legal” and what’s not. In the spirit of broadening our horizons, we’re very pleased to bring you the first in a series of posts about LEGO minifig customization by master Continue reading →

Our wrap-up of LEGO at Toy Fair New York 2020 [News]

Read all about our experience scouting new LEGO at Toy Fair New York 2020. We even got a sig-fig selfie with a life-size Minion!

Portland’s biggest LEGO convention, Bricks Cascade 2020, is next weekend [News]

Bricks Cascade is next weekend in Portland. Do you have your tickets yet?

LEGO Spider-Man 76151 Venomosaurus Ambush unveiled at Toy Fair New York, complete with Spider-Ham [News]

Spider-Ham, Spider-Ham! Does whatever a Spider-Ham does! LEGO has unveiled a Venomosaurus battling a host of Spider-heroes.

More LEGO gear from Santoki revealed at Toy Fair New York including Dots-themed school supplies [News]

We take a look at more LEGO merchandise revealed at the Toy Fair New York featuring Dots-themed stationery, notebooks, key chains and pens.

Depth is just an illusion

Head down to the docks in Markus Rollbühler’s cozy scene.

More than meets the eye

Assemble the Autobots with this Optimus Prime LEGO build by Sam.C!

LEGO wins three Toy of the Year awards at Toy Fair New York 2020 [News]

LEGO took home three Toy of the Year awards for some of their best and most innovative sets from last year. Which of these do you have in your collection?

New LEGO gear and books revealed at Toy Fair New York 2020 [News]

You can accessorize your life with this LEGO-themed gear including new books, clothes, plushies and even luggage.