Hidden Secret of the LEGO Art World Map revealed [Feature]

Lego Designer Fiorella Groves put up a challenge to the world when she shared that a secret easter egg was hidden in plain sight across her LEGO 31203 World Map creation. In less than 24 hours, it seems we have an answer with some clever sleuthing from the LEGO detectives within the TBB social media fan base.

At the 2 minutes, 40-second mark, she mentions a clue about her Hong Kong origins, and that she speaks Cantonese while also sharing that Chinese culture means a lot to her growing up in London. Watch the video if you have not already caught it.

With the clue and the map below, here’s your last attempt to see if you can spot the secret. Click on the image to get a closer look. For a further clue without revealing the answer, scroll down (slowly) for a clue to zoom in on the region that you’re supposed to be looking at.

The answer lies within off the coast of Japan and in the Pacific Ocean. It’s still hard to spot although it’s built with LEGO bricks in plain sight.

Carl from our TBB fan commented on our Facebook page and even did some CSI level x-ray to highlight it with much more clarity.

Here’s the collage Carl put together to share his discovery. It’s one of those things that you can’t unsee once you see it.  

A bit of sleuthing on our own confirms that the “Lee” guess is accurate to the point with a confirmation in her Twitter account. All we now need is Fiorella to tell us if Detective Carl’s finding is spot on?

LEGO fans are extremely detailed and love every little background and nugget of information they can find behind designs and creations that LEGO Designers imbue with their very own passion and heart. We’ve got to thank Fiorella for keeping us on our toes yet again, and look forwards to more of these! The best kind of secrets are the ones that are wide open, and this is a great example indeed!

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