LEGO Designer Video featuring Fiorella Groves creator of the LEGO Art World Map [News]

The World Map is currently the largest LEGO set with a total number of 11,695 pieces. We hear from LEGO Designer Fiorella Groves that because it’s a LEGO-based map, you can simply customise it the way you like it.

Fiorella also shares that she’s originally from Hong Kong and speak Cantonese while she grew up in London and has hidden ‘something’ in the ocean that only she knows about but never reveals the details. She’s challenged the audience to find out what it is.

Remember to read our full in-depth review of this set if you need to make a purchase decision. It’s now available on the LEGO Online Shop retailing at US $249.99 | CAN $349.99 | UK £229.99

Or if you’re simply looking for inspiration for other designs of LEGO Maps, we’ve compiled a few of them out there for your enjoyment.