That’s when an evil woman trapped him on the dark side of the moon

The Brothers Brick contributor Chris Doyle once again builds something based on Mystery Science Theater 3000What’s his excuse this time?

One of my favorite escapes from reality is Mystery Science Theater 3000. People riffing on bad movies just makes the world seem less bleak, somehow. The best part, though, is that my wife Jennifer is also a big fan. She’s usually more of a “build a LEGO set” person than a “make something new out of LEGO” person, but I was able to tempt her into collaborating on a  LEGO Art style mosaic of the latest MST3k head-honcho: Kinga Forrester. (As portrayed  by a Felicia Day.)


The techniques we used were very similar to the ones I helped develop for my Wonder Woman collaboration. We bought a couple of LEGO art sets (Beatles and Warhol this time.) We used the LEGO Art Remix site to create several prototype images. We threw away our first few attempts, and combined at least three different versions of instructions for the final image. And then hand-built all the fine details anyway.

We also broke with “tradition” and went two-plates deep in a couple of places. The Moon 13 and Bonehead logos required a layer of tile to clean up the lines and make things legible for both the lettering and the skull. Kinga is one to break all the rules, so it didn’t seem out of character for us to follow her lead. (An earlier version of this had “Deep 13” as the logo…but that was Clayton’s domain. Whoops.)

Moon 13, The Moon.

Kinga is 48×96 studs (plus the brick frame), a bit smaller than Wonder Woman’s 48×144, which in turn was smaller than my huge (and now vintage) mural of Kinga’s dad, Dr. Clayton Forrester. My next art attempt will be 48×48 at this rate. Then it’s on to microscale mosaics. Maybe I’ll do a fan-art version of a Rothko on a 8×8 plate.

Family Portraits

With the new Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse LEGO Art sets on the horizon, I’m hoping we’ll see even more fan creations in this style.  LEGO has at least made giant piles of 1×1 elements a lot easier to obtain, anyway…