Your favorite desk-mates

I recently finished watching the popular television series The Office, therefore any office supply or item reminds me of the show, this LEGO build of some desk essentials by Joffre Zheng included.


The brick-built models include a grey stapler, a classic #2 pencil, and an eraser. All three builds are composed of bricks with heavy use of tiling and slopes to cover studs and smooth things out. Judging by the grey round 4×4 brick with technic pin holes piece used at the top of the pencil to render the metal eraser binding, these builds are pretty large in scale, much larger than the actual real life objects. If office supplies are your thing, or you’re just missing the workplace or school, then this build is definitely for you!

1 comment on “Your favorite desk-mates

  1. NavSada

    You said the part at the center of the metal in the pencil is a round 4×4 brick with pin holes, but it looks more like a part 41531, a 4×4 cylinder with 3 pin holes and a center bar.

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