Ice cold shenanigans at the Gotham Museum

We’ve seen several very impressive Batcaves over the years but poor Mr. Freeze has been largely thus far given the cold shoulder. Until now. Brothers Brick alumni Tim Lydy invests several months and an ungodly amount of LEGO bricks, both stock and custom, to give Mr. Freeze a fitting lair complete with about seventy individual LED lights. The exterior of the museum is quite impressive with its textured brickwork and massive Spartan statues flanking central Greek-style columns. The icy ornamentation along the top and the frozen tail to the right offers just a glimpse of what’s inside. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Gotham Museum Exterior

Mr. Freeze has taken over the Gotham Museum and has added quite a few personal ice-cold touches to the interior. Like a Tardis, the museum seems larger on the inside. This is achieved in part by the inclusion of two large free-standing pillars and a stage floor that gives some definition to the inside. No museum is complete without a dinosaur exhibit so the tail spied in the exterior photo turns out to be a frozen brontosaurus.

Gotham Museum Heist

Even without the museum, the frozen brontosaurus is a neat model in itself.

Frozen Brontosaurus

The overall vastness of this museum is quite impressive but we’d be remiss not to include a few close-up shots of the action. Here’s Robin being harangued by a couple of polar bears. That’s what happens when you touch the exhibits, I guess.

Polar Bears Batman!

Here we see a custom Batman playing ice hockey with a couple of Mr.Freeze’s goons. The guy on the left definitely didn’t start life as a leather daddy custom figure from Citizen Brick so don’t get that idea in your heads!

Bat Hockey!

Lastly, we have a shot of Batman and a very shiny Mr. Freeze duking it out for whatever reasons masked heroes and villains do their thing.


Overall, Tim has done a great job giving Mr.Freeze a lair to rival the Batcave. if you have the time, settle in and check out our archives for Batman and other heroes and villains from the DC Universe.