2020 LEGO Advent Calendars, Day 24

Happy holidays to all of our fellow LEGO builders! As is tradition, we at The Brothers Brick have been opening our advent calendars as we count down to Christmas, which is tomorrow! Today, we’re opening the final door, but we’ll be back once more when we’ll be showcasing a final roundup of the calendars tomorrow.

Thank you to all those who have celebrated with us so far. Now, let’s open door 24!

Drumroll, please! And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. From day 24 of the Harry Potter advent calendar, the Triwizard Cup! And from Star Wars, Santa Vader!

Lino: Despite efforts to brighten his image, still no one is swiping right on Jeff’s Tinder profile photo.

Bart: Ugly Christmas sweater!!!

Benjamin: I always thought Sith holocrons were cooler than Jedi.

CJ: So…I guess this last day’s item means something to Harry Potter fans. It looks cool, at least. Is it a fitting final addition? I’ll leave that to those more in the know to decide. The Vader-in-an-ugly sweater is a great end to the Star Wars calendar. Holiday point earned, and clearly a torso that can (and will) be reused in many a fan’s sig-fig seasonal wear. 

Daniel: That cup looks likely to bit you if you get to close.

Chuck: I thought we had the goblet of fire on day 6? I read all of Harry Potter aloud to my kids, and we watched the movies after finishing each book, and I… do not know what this is. Clearly something Slytherin related with the snakes.

Benjamin: That’s the Triwizard Cup.

Chuck: Oh.

Chris: I like it, though it does seem mildly anti-climactic. But I can’t think of anything better that’s also in the theme, so I’d just say it would have been cooler if the cup was made with silver or chrome elements. And Vader’s sweater is hilarious. I’d be willing to bet many fans bought the calendar just for that.

The Christmas cheer continues with City giving us a hipster Santa and a fantastic Mrs. Claus figure with Friends.

CJ: Christmas eve usually means the arrival of a Santa-related minifigure for these advent calendars, this year doesn’t disappoint. City Santa is very standard, with a bonus backpack and letter. The face under the beard is the LEGO City Adventure’s Chief Wheeler character, so there’s a bit of bonus thematic tie-ins there for the fans. In the Friends calendar we get a bit of departure from tradition. At least, I know I wasn’t expecting a for “miniskirt” version of Mrs. Claus. More power to her, as she looks great.

Lino: “One of those little twerps billed me for the milk and cookies. Can you believe it?”

Benjamin: Santa looks morbidly obese as a minifig next to a minidoll. More like Saint Thick than Saint Nick, amiright?

Adam: Or Saint Thicc.

Chris: Why is City Santa a hipster? Never mind, don’t answer that. Mrs. Claus is a cute minidoll… which is not how I expected Mrs. Claus to look. I think it’s the miniskirt and black eyebrows. 

This was an incredible year for LEGO advent calendars. But the fun isn’t over yet! Join us tomorrow after you’ve opened everything under the tree to see the complete lineup, more jokes and extra builds from the 2020 LEGO Advent Calendars.

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